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SOEP-Core v31.1 - Known Bugs/Fixes


Dataset Information

In the file with generated longitudinal data on children (KIDLONG) in SOEP-Core v31.1 another correction had to be implemented: Some few data that only had been asked in the FiD study were missing.

This applies to the variables KA06$$ (Activities for children below the age of 6) and KA16$$ (Activities for children aged 6 to 16).

If you want to analyze these variables there are three ways to use the corrected data:

  1. You use the original data from SOEP-Core (in the files $$KIND)
  2. You use the data set KIDL in SOEPlong (there the data had been implemented correctely)
  3. You may ask for the correct data set KIDLONG at our hotline ( We can provide you with an individualized download link.