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Data Access IAB-SOEP-MIG


Dataset Information

The data from the IAB-SOEP Migration Sample are at the same time additional samples for the SOEP-Core data set, the data are integrated in SOEP v33.1 as samples M1 and M2 in SOEP v33.1 (identical questionnaire with additional questions on the respondent's migration situation). All SOEP users with a valid contract already received the data with SOEP v33.1 or can order it as SOEP v.331 or as a separated data set  in the usual ways (SOEPhotline, website) without needing to sign any additional data distribution contracts. The dataset is available upon request for free via personalized secure download. New users find information on the SOEP application process here.

Via Research Data Centre (RDC) of the Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research:
The application process of the RDC IAB.