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SOEP-IS 2019 - Changes in the Dataset

Änderungen am Datensatz

Dataset Information

New Modules

Innovative modules of survey year 2018

Changes in datasets and individual variables


An error occurred in the 2017 release, concerning several activity-related variables of the p-dataset (pli0090, pli0091, pli0092, pli0096, pli0097, pli0098). In the p-dataset, these variables have five possible positive responses,

"[1] Daily", "[2] At least once a week", "[3] At least once a month", "[4] Seldom" and "[5] Never".

This reflects how the questions were asked in several specific survey years – in other survey years, however, the "Daily"-option was not included in the questionnaire and only

"[1] At least once a week", "[2] At least once a month", "[3] Seldom" and "[4] Never" were possible responses.

To account for this difference in the final dataset, we have been recoding the latter version to fit to the first one (i.e., "[1] At least once a week" to "[2] At least once a week", etc.) in previous years. Unfortunately, this recoding was not performed for the 2017 data, resulting in original "[1] At least once a week"-responses being reported as "[1] Daily"-responses in the final dataset, "[2] At least once a month"-responses as "[2] At least once a week"-responses and so forth.  

This error only concerned the 2017 responses for the variables mentioned above and has been fixed in the new 2019 release version. It should be noted that in the 2019 interviews, the full scale with 5 possible responses has been used again. To highlight that two different response scales have been used over the years (1-4 and 1-5), we have created additional copies of these variables with a suffix ("*_v1" and "*_v2"). These copies only include the respective original scales without any recoding.