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Dr. Carina Cornesse

Dr. Carina Cornesse

Head of SOEP Innovation Sample & Social Cohesion Panel of the

German Socio-Economic Panel study Research Infrastructure

Research Topics and Working Areas

Dr. Carina Cornesse is Head of the Innovation Sample as well as the Social Cohesion Panel (SOEP-related study ZHP-FGZ) at the SOEP. She conducts research on data quality and innovative data collection techniques in surveys. Her research focuses on the recruitment and maintenance of panel studies, the benefits and limitations of probability-based and nonprobability samples, the application of mixed-mode data collection designs, and on linking survey data to data from other sources. She studied Sociology in Mainz and Frankfurt and received her PhD from the Graduate School for Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim. Before starting her work at DIW, she was a researcher at GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences and at the Collaborative Research Center 884 “Political Economy of Reforms” at the University of Mannheim. She is also currently a research fellow at the Research Data Center of the Research Institute Social Cohesion (RDC-RISC) at the University of Bremen.


Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series A)

From German Internet Panel to Mannheim Corona Study: Adaptable probability-based online panel infrastructures during the pandemic

2021 | Cornesse, Carina, Krieger, Ulrich, Sohnius, Marie-Lou, Fikel, Marina, Friedel, Sabine, Rettig, Tobias, Wenz, Alexander, Juhl, Sebastian, Lehrer, Roni, Möhring, Katja, Naumann, Elias, Reifenscheid, Maximiliane, Blom, Annelies G.
Social Science Computer Review

Recruiting a Probability-Based Online Panel via Postal Mail: Experimental Evidence

2022 | Cornesse, Carina, Felderer, Barbara, Fikel, Marina, Krieger, Ulrich, Blom, Annelies G.
Sociological Methods & Research

Response Quality in Nonprobability and Probability-based Online Panels

2020 | Cornesse, Carina, Blom, Annelies G.
Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology

A Review of Conceptual Approaches and Empirical Evidence on Probability and Nonprobability Sample Survey Research

2020 | Cornesse, Carina, Blom, Annelies G., Dutwin, David, Krosnick, Jon A., De Leeuw, Edith D., Legleye, Stéphane, Pasek, Josh, Pennay, Darren, Phillips, Benjamin, Sakshaug, Joseph W., Struminskaya, Bella, Wenz, Alexander
Externe referierte Aufsätze

The Early Bird Catches the Worm! Setting a Deadline for Online Panel Recruitment Incentives

In: Social Science Computer Review 41 (2023), 2, S. 370–389 | Sabine Friedel, Barbara Felderer, Ulrich Krieger, Carina Cornesse, Annelies G. Blom
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From German Internet Panel to Mannheim Corona Study: Adaptable Probability‐Based Online Panel Infrastructures during the Pandemic

In: Journal of the Royal Statistical Society / Series A 185 (2022), 3, S. 773-797 | Carina Cornesse, Ulrich Krieger, Marie‐Lou Sohnius, Marina Fikel, Sabine Friedel, Tobias Rettig, Alexander Wenz, Sebastian Juhl, Roni Lehrer, Katja Möhring, Elias Naumann, Maximiliane Reifenscheid, Annelies G. Blom
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Measurement Equivalence in Probability and Nonprobability Online Panels

In: International Journal of Market Research 64 (2022), 4, S. 484–505 | Hafsteinn Einarsson, Joseph W. Sakshaug, Alexandru Cernat, Carina Cornesse, Annelies G. Blom

Research Projects

Research Project

Cohesion Panel of the Research Institute for Social Cohesion (ZHP-FGZ)

Current Project| German Socio-Economic Panel study