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Dr. Lea Bernhardt

Dr. Lea Bernhardt

Scientific Advisor of the

Firms and Markets Department

Research Topics and Working Areas

Lea Bernhardt is a research associate in the Firms and Markets Department. Her research topics and work areas are empirical industrial economics, competition policy as well as platform and media economics. She received her PhD in Economics from Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg. Previously, she completed her MSc at the University of St Andrews and her BSc at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. She has also worked for Berenberg Bank in Hamburg and the European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main.


Journal of European Competition Law & Practice

Withdrawn and Prohibited Merger Cases in the EU

2021 | Lea Bernhardt
European Competition Journal

Collusion by code or algorithmic collusion? When pricing algorithms take over

2020 | Lea Bernhardt, Ralf Dewenter
European Journal of Political Economy

Measuring partisan media bias in US Newscasts from 2001-2012

2023 | Lea Bernhardt, Ralf Dewenter, Tobias Thomas
Journal of Media Economics

Gender Bias in German Media Reports

2023 | Lea Bernhardt, Ralf Dewenter
DIW Weekly Report 38/39 / 2023

Broad Electricity Price Subsidies for Industry Are Not a Suitable Relief Instrument

2023| Lea Bernhardt, Tomaso Duso, Robin Sogalla, Alexander Schiersch
DIW Wochenbericht 38 / 2023

Gezielte Förderung von strategisch wichtigen Unternehmen besser als Industriestrompreis: Interview

2023| Lea Bernhardt, Erich Wittenberg
DIW Wochenbericht 38 / 2023

Breiter Industriestrompreis ist kein geeignetes Entlastungsinstrument

2023| Lea Bernhardt, Tomaso Duso, Robin Sogalla, Alexander Schiersch
DIW Wochenbericht 26 / 2023

Haben wir eine „Greedflation“ und brauchen Preiskontrollen? Kommentar

2023| Lea Bernhardt, Tomaso Duso
Externe referierte Aufsätze

The Impact of the Tax Reduction on Fuel Prices in Germany: A Synthetic Difference-in-Differences Approach

In: Review of Economics 74 (2023), 2, S. 141-160 | Lea Bernhardt, Xenia Breiderhoff, Ralf Dewenter
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Der Mythos von der Gierflation

In: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (19.06.2023), S. 16 | Lea Bernhardt, Tomaso Duso