DIW Wochenbericht (2018)

Rechtliche Harmonisierung kann Kapitalmarktintegration erleichtern

Franziska Bremus,Tatsiana Kliatskova
DIW Wochenbericht (2018)

Deutsche Wirtschaft im Spätherbst des Aufschwungs: Editorial

Claus Michelsen, Guido Baldi, Christian Breuer, Martin Bruns, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Hella Engerer, Marcel Fratzscher, Stefan Gebauer, Max Hanisch, Simon Junker, Malte Rieth, Thore Schlaak
DIW Wochenbericht (2018)

Weltwirtschaft und Euroraum: Hohe Unsicherheiten belasten Handel und Investitionen: Grundlinien der Wirtschaftsentwicklung im Winter 2018

Claus Michelsen, Dawud Ansari, Guido Baldi, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Hella Engerer, Stefan Gebauer, Malte Rieth, Aleksandar Zaklan
DIW Wochenbericht (2018)

Wachstumstempo der deutschen Wirtschaft normalisiert sich nach Jahren der Hochkonjunktur: Grundlinien der Wirtschaftsentwicklung im Winter 2018

Claus Michelsen, Christian Breuer, Martin Bruns, Max Hanisch, Simon Junker, Thore Schlaak
DIW Wochenbericht (2018)

Die deutsche Wirtschaft steht unter dem Strich weiterhin gut da: Interview

Claus Michelsen, Erich Wittenberg
Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2018)

Legal Harmonization, Institutional Quality, and Countries' External Positions: A Sectoral Analysis

Franziska Bremus, Tatsiana Kliatskova
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The Department

Research activities of the macroanalysis department are focused on the investigation of economic relationships and policies at the national and international level. Current topics include the evolution of macroeconomic imbalances and the debt crisis in the euro area as well as the appropriate design of the fiscal and monetary crisis management. Research is also directed to explore the interdependencies between integrated financial markets and the real economy. In addition, adjustment patterns arising from the integration of emerging markets into the global economy are examined. Especially the Asian region will become increasingly important for the development of the world economy.

Change of name

1 June 2011: The department of "Macro Analysis and Forecasting" has changed its name to "Macroeconomics".