Staff and Publisher

The SOEPpapers are the chief platform for publishing research results based on SOEP data. As SOEP is a multidisciplinary panel, the SOEPpapers publishes work from all social scientific disciplines.

SOEPpapers are published on a non-exclusive basis, thereby allowing authors to publish their articles elsewhere if they wish. SOEP encourages that all papers appear in other professional, institutional, and locally oriented publications as well.

All researchers who work with SOEP data directly or as part of another data set are invited to submit their work to this series and to thereby present it to a broad audience for discussion.

Submission guidelines for authors:
SOEPpapers has relatively simple submission procedures. If a work has already appeared in an existing peer-reviewed discussion paper series (e.g., IZA, NBER, LIS, or WZB) or in institute series such as those from the University of Zurich or the Institute of Sociology of the University Duisburg-Essen, it is automatically accepted. Otherwise, the work will be reviewed by a member of the editorial team.

You may send your finished paper in .pdf or .doc format to:


DIW Berlin

Uta Rahmann