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This series documents data that DIW Berlin employees have developed as part of their research from all areas of the social and economic sciences.

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Data Documentation
  • Data Documentation

    Electricity, Heat and Gas Sector Data for Modelling the German System

    Friedrich Kunz, Mario Kendziorski, Wolf-Peter Schill, Jens Weibezahn, Jan Zepter, Christian von Hirschhausen, Philipp Hauser, Matthias Zech, Dominik Möst, Sina Heidari, Björn Felten, Christoph Weber
    106 S.
    Details Free Download Article | PDF  5.82 MB
  • Data Documentation

    The Early Childhood Education and Care Quality in the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP-ECEC Quality) Study - K2ID-SOEP Data: Forschungsprojekt im Auftrag der Jacobs Foundation

    Pia S. Schober, C. Katharina Spieß, Juliane F. Stahl, Gundula Zoch, Georg F. Camehl
    54 S.
    Free Download Article | PDF  0.98 MB
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    The Berliner-Studienberechtigen-Panel (Best Up): Methodological and Data Report

    Martin Ehlert, Frauke H. Peter, Claudia Finger, Alessandra Rusconi, Heike Solga, C. Katharina Spieß, Vaishali Zambre
    30 S. : Anh.
    Details Free Download Article | PDF  1.59 MB
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    From Gross to Net Wages in German Administrative Data Sets

    Henrike Junge
    14 S.
    Free Download Article | PDF  366 KB
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    dynELMOD: A Dynamic Investment and Dispatch Model for the Future European Electricity Market

    Clemens Gerbaulet, Casimir Lorenz
    58 S.
    Details Free Download Article | PDF  4.81 MB
  • Data Documentation

    Statistics of Annual Accounts of Public Funds, Institutions and Enterprises: 2003-2012

    Nicole Wägner
    VIII, 40, XXVII S.
    Free Download Article | PDF  0.81 MB