Cross-departmental research group at DIW Berlin

The Research Group "Education" at a glance

More than ever, education is a key determinant for the future of modern economies. Effective and efficient investments in human capital of an economy contribute considerably to increase competitiveness.

The research group Education at DIW Berlin deals with education-related matters in particular from a microeconomic perspective. It examines, for one, skill formation over the life cycle of economic agents, beginning with the early childhood age-a life stage that is particularly crucial for acquiring skills. The group studies cognitive as well as non-cognitive skills in different life phases. For this task it considers intergenerational aspects along with educational inequalities and their backgrounds.

A further focus of education-related research at DIW Berlin lies on effect analyses. This primarily involves studying the effects of institutional framework conditions of the German educational system. The group here examines, among others, the effects of financial incentives on educational decisions, in particular concerning higher education.

These research works make intensive use of the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) and other micro data from education research. The participating researchers are affiliated with different national and international research associations, among them the Leibniz network "Non-Cognitive Skills".

The Education research group serves as a platform for exchange and collaboration between the departments concerning education-related analyses.