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SOEP Survey Papers 627: SOEP Survey Papers : Series A - Survey Instruments (Erhebungsinstrumente) / 2019

SOEP-Core – 2016: Haushalt (A-L1, PAPI, mit Verweis auf Variablen)

2019| SOEP Group
SOEP Survey Papers 628: SOEP Survey Papers : Series A - Survey Instruments (Erhebungsinstrumente) / 2019

SOEP-Core – 2016: Haushalt (M1/M2, CAPI, mit Verweis auf Variablen)

2019| SOEP Group
DIW Berlin - Politikberatung kompakt 136 / 2019

Marktdesign für eine effiziente Netzanbindung von Offshore-Windenergie: eine Studie im Auftrag von Ørsted Offshore Wind

2019| Yann Girard, Claudia Kemfert, Franziska Neumann, Julius Stoll
Diskussionspapiere 1799 / 2019

Gender Identity and Wives' Labor Market Outcomes in West and East Germany between 1984 and 2016

We exploit the natural experiment of German reunification in 1990 to investigate if the institutional regimes of the formerly socialist (rather gender-equal) East Germany and the capitalist (rather gender-traditional) West Germany shaped different ..

2019| Maximilian Sprengholz, Anna Wieber, Elke Holst
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An Integrated Approach for a Top-Corrected Income Distribution

Household survey data provide a rich information set on income, household context and demographic variables, but tend to underreport incomes at the very top of the distribution. Administrative data like tax records offer more precise information on .

In: Journal of Economic Inequality 17 (2019), 2, S. 125-143 | Charlotte Bartels, Maria Metzing
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On the Exposure of the Bric Countries to Global Economic Shocks

The financial crisis led to a deep recession in many industrial countries. While large emerging countries recovered relatively quickly, their performance deteriorated in recent years, despite the modest recovery in advanced economies. The higher ...

In: The World Economy 42 (2019), 1, S. 122-142 | Ansgar Belke, Christian Dreger, Irina Dubova
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Lieber grenzüberschreitend konsolidieren

In: Fuldaer Zeitung (05.04.2019), S. 4 | Franziska Bremus
Diskussionspapiere 1797 / 2019

25 Years of European Merger Control

We study the evolution of the EC’s merger decision procedure over the first 25 years of European competition policy. Using a novel dataset constructed at the level of the relevant markets and containing all merger cases over the 1990-2014 period, w

2019| Pauline Affeldt, Tomaso Duso, Florian Szücs
DIW Weekly Report 14 / 2019

The Low-Wage Sector in Germany Is Larger Than Previously Assumed

The total number of dependent employees in Germany has increased by more than four million since the financial crisis. Part of this growth took place in the low-wage sector. Analyses based on data from the Socio-Economic Panel, which in 2017 for the

2019| Markus M. Grabka, Carsten Schröder
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Rigging Economics

Advances in horizontal drilling have significantly increased US oil and gas production, but it is not clear whether the industry is viable if oil prices continue to be low. Researchers now estimate the break-even price for oil and gas from tight ...

In: Nature Energy 4 (2019), S. 263-264 | Dawud Ansari
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