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SOEP Survey Papers 900: SOEP Survey Papers : Series B - Survey Reports (Methodenberichte) / 2020

SOEP-Core – 2019: Report of Survey Methodology and Fieldwork

2020| Axel Glemser, Simon Huber, Martin Rathje
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Wir brauchen New Green Deals

In: Handelsblatt (19.11.2020), S. 8 | Claudia Kemfert
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Comparing Coal Phase-Out Pathways: The United Kingdom’s and Germany’s Diverging Transitions

Political decisions and trends regarding coal use for electricity generation developed differently in the UK and Germany, despite being subject to relatively similar climate protection targets and general political and economic conditions. The UK agreed on a coal phase-out by 2024. In Germany, a law schedules a coal phase-out by 2038 at the latest. This paper investigates reasons for the different ...

In: Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 37 (2020), S. 238-253 | Hanna Brauers, Pao-Yu Oei, Paula Walk
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Great Green Transition and Finance

European governments are struggling to regain economic strength in the coronavirus pandemic as in many countries the number of new infections seems to gradually subside. Growth rates deep in the red call for a reconstruction programme when the crisis is finally manageable and economic activity can resume. Amidst this, there are again infl uential groups that claim “this is not the time to insist on strict ...

In: Intereconomics 55 (2020), 3, S. 181-186 | Claudia Kemfert, Dorothea Schäfer, Willi Semmler
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Transmission Network Investment Using Incentive Regulation: A Disjunctive Programming Approach

A well-planned electric transmission infrastructure is the foundation of a reliable and efficient power system, especially in the presence of large scale renewable generation. However, the current electricity market designs lack incentive mechanisms which can guarantee optimal transmission investments and ensure reliable integration of renewable generation such as wind. This paper first proposes a ...

In: Networks and Spatial Economics 20 (2020), 4, S. 1029–1068 | Dina Khastieva, Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh, Ingo Vogelsang, Juan Rosellón
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Wie die Wirtschaftspolitik auf die zweite Infektionswelle reagieren sollte

In: Makronom (04.11.2020), [Online-Artikel] | Marius Clemens, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Britta Gehrke, Simon Junker, Claus Michelsen
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Was die bisherigen Corona-Programme gebracht haben

In: Makronom (04.11.2020), [Online-Artikel] | Marius Clemens, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Britta Gehrke, Simon Junker, Claus Michelsen
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Foreign Exchange Intervention: A New Database

We construct a novel database of monthly foreign exchange interventions for 49 countries over up to 22 years. We build on a text classification approach that extracts information about interventions from news articles and calibrate our procedure to data about actual interventions. Our new dataset allows us to document stylized facts about the use of foreign exchange interventions for countries that ...

2020| Marcel Fratzscher, Tobias Heidland, Lukas Menkhoff, Lucio Sarno, Maik Schmeling
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Rente mit 67: Nötige Weiterbildung der Beschäftigten ist kein Selbstläufer

Länger arbeiten, aber wie? Diese Frage treibt viele um, wenn es um eine Erhöhung des Renteneintrittsalters geht. Weiterbildung ist essenziell, um Beschäftigte und Unternehmen gleichermaßen fit zu machen für einen späteren Renteneintritt. Eine aktuelle Analyse zeigt anhand der Abschaffung der sogenannten Rente für Frauen im Jahr 1999, dass das kein Selbstlä...

17.11.2020| Peter Haan, Felix Weinhardt
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