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SOEPpapers 1106 / 2020

Hartz and Minds: Happiness Effects of Reforming an Employment Agency

Since the labor market reforms around 2005, known as the Hartz reforms, Germany has experienced declining unemployment rates. However, little is known about the reforms’ effect on individual life satisfaction of unemployed workers. This study applies difference-in-difference estimations and finds a decrease in life satisfaction after the reforms that is more pronounced for male unemployed in west Germany. ...

2020| Max Deter
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Riskanter Preisrutsch

In: Frankfurter Rundschau (14.09.2020), S. 14 | Alexander Kriwoluzky
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Innovative Gründer fördern

In: Süddeutsche Zeitung (14.09.2020), S. 16 | Alexander S. Kritikos
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Bitte nicht den Strukturwandel weiter verzögern

In: Die Zeit (10.09.2020), [Online-Artikel] | Marcel Fratzscher
DIW Weekly Report 37 / 2020

Global Economy: Slow Recovery Following Deep Recession: DIW Economic Outlook

The coronavirus pandemic caused a global market crash in the first half of 2020. Following a massive slump of around four percent in the first quarter, global GDP decreased in the second by five percent. Lower rates of new infections, together with far-reaching monetary and fiscal policy measures to dampen the economic impact of the pandemic, ensure that production and the trust of consumers and firms ...

2020| Claus Michelsen, Guido Baldi, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Hella Engerer, Stefan Gebauer, Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Sandra Pasch, Malte Rieth
DIW Weekly Report 37 / 2020

German Economy: On the Long, Slow Road to Normality: DIW Economic Outlook

The German economy has bottomed out, but its recovery is going to be long and arduous. Nevertheless, following the almost two-digit slump in economic output in the second quarter of 2020, recovery is likely to be accompanied by above-average rates. However, it is assumed that a second wave will not occur and lockdown-like measures will not be reimplemented. Private consumption in particular will markedly ...

2020| Claus Michelsen, Marius Clemens, Max Hanisch, Simon Junker, Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Laura Pagenhardt
Diskussionspapiere 1897 / 2020

Center-Based Care and Parenting Activities

We estimate effects of center-based care on parenting activities using time use data for Germany. Our estimates imply that center-based care reduces the overall time that parents spend with the enrolled child, but has only small negative effects on time spent doing activities together. Correspondingly, center-based care increases activities as a share of the time spent together with the child. The ...

2020| Jonas Jessen, C. Katharina Spieß, Sevrin Waights
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US and EU secure vaccine production on home soil

The deployment of a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19 will be central to lifting containment measures. In a bid to speed up vaccine deployment, governments are entering into ‘Advance Purchase Agreements’ (APAs) with vaccine companies to secure access to vaccine doses. We document and compare the vaccine procurement strategies of the US and the EU. Most notably, we find that both...

11.09.2020| Jo Seldeslachts, Melissa Newham
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Electricity Storage and the Renewable Energy Transition

In: Joule (2020), im Ersch. [online first: 2020-08-25] | Wolf-Peter Schill
DIW Berlin - Politikberatung kompakt 155 / 2020

Optionen zur Auszahlung einer Pro-Kopf-Klimaprämie für einen sozialverträglichen CO2-Preis: Endbericht; Forschungsprojekt im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums der Finanzen (fe 3/19)

2020| Jan Stede, Stefan Bach, Roland Ismer, Klaus Meßerschmidt, Karsten Neuhoff
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