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Diskussionspapiere 1138 / 2011

Employment Growth, Inflation and Output Growth: Was Phillips Right? Evidence from a Dynamic Panel

In this paper we analyse the short- and long-run relationship between employment growth, inflation and output growth in Phillips' tradition. For this purpose we apply FMOLS, DOLS, PMGE, MGE, DFE, and VECM methods to a nonstationary heterogeneous ...

2011| Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Marinko Skare
Diskussionspapiere 1081 / 2010

Is There a Bubble in the Chinese Housing Market?

For many analysts, the Chinese economy is spurred by a bubble in the housing market, probably driven by the fiscal stimulus package and massive credit expansion, with pos-sible adverse effects to the real economy. To get insights into the size of the

2010| Christian Dreger, Yanqun Zhang

Is there a Bubble in the Chinese Housing Market?

Frankfurt / Oder: Europa-Univers. Viadrina, 2010, 25 S.
(Discussion Paper / European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Department of Business Administration and Economics ; 290)
| Christian Dreger, Yanqun Zhang
Diskussionspapiere 1064 / 2010

Money Demand and the Role of Monetary Indicators in Forecasting Euro Area Inflation

This paper examines the forecasting performance of a broad monetary aggregate (M3) in predicting euro area inflation. Excess liquidity is measured as the difference between the actual money stock and its fundamental value, the latter determined by a

2010| Christian Dreger, Jürgen Wolters
Diskussionspapiere 997 / 2010

Do Google Searches Help in Nowcasting Private Consumption? A Real-Time Evidence for the US

In this paper, we investigate whether the Google search activity can help in nowcasting the year-on-year growth rates of monthly US private consumption using a real-time data set. The Google-based forecasts are compared to those based on a benchmark

2010| Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Maximilian Podstawski, Boriss Siliverstovs

Durchführung von Workshops zu wichtigen finanz- und wirtschaftspolitischen Themen

Abgeschlossenes Projekt| Konjunkturpolitik
DIW Wochenbericht 37/38 / 2011

Spekulative Preisentwicklung an den Immobilienmärkten: Elemente eines Frühwarnsystems

Von spekulativen Übertreibungen an den Vermögensmärkten können erhebliche makroökonomische Verluste für Produktion und Beschäftigung ausgehen. Solche Entwicklungen sollten möglichst frühzeitig und verlässlich erkannt werden, um eine Gegensteuerung ..

2011| Christian Dreger, Konstantin A. Kholodilin
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How Helpful Are Spatial Effects in Forecasting the Growth of Chinese Provinces?

In this paper, we make multi-step forecasts of the annual growth rates of the real gross regional product (GRP) for each of the 31 Chinese provinces simultaneously. Beside the usual panel data models, we use panel models that explicitly account for .

In: Journal of Forecasting 30 (2011), 7, S. 622-643 | Eric Girardin, Konstantin A. Kholodilin
Diskussionspapiere 1114 / 2011

The Euro Changeover and Price Adjustments in Italy

By estimating a staggered price model over the period 1980q1-2010q2, this paper documents that, after the euro changeover, Italian retailers have increased the number of price adjustments, which has translated into a higher inflation rate, with a ...

2011| Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Alessandro Girardi, Marco Ventura
1241 Ergebnisse, ab 1141