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Economic Bulletin 5 / 2003

The German Economy in the Spring of 2003

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Optimal Fiscal Policy in an Economy Facing Sociopolitical Instability

In: Review of Development Economics 7 (2003), 4, S. 583- 598 | Chetan Ghate, Quan Vu Le, Paul J. Zak
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Assessing Leading Indicators for the EMU Area from a Practitioner's Perspective

In this paper, the empirical relevance of the credit channel for the explanation of monetary policy transmission in Germany during the period from 1985 to 1998 is analyzed. While existing studies of the credit channel rely mostly on the analysis of .

In: Applied Economics Quarterly 49 (2003), 4, S. 339-358 | Ulrich Fritsche, Vladimir Kuzin, Felix Marklein

Innovation: An Integrated Concept for the Study of Transformation in Electricity Systems

Berlin: TIPS, 2003, 41 S.
(TIPS Discussion Paper ; 3)
| Jan-Peter Voß, Corinna Fischer, Katja Schumacher, Martin Cames, Martin Pehnt, Barbara Praetorius, Lambert Schneider
Diskussionspapiere 433 / 2004

Declining Output Volatility in Germany: Impulses, Propagation, and the Role of Monetary Policy

This paper investigates the effect of economic integration on the ability of firms to maintain a collusive understanding about staying out of each other's markets. The paper distinguishes among different types of trade costs: ad valorem, unit, fixed.

2004| Ulrich Fritsche, Vladimir Kuzin
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Der verlorene Aufschwung

In: Handelsblatt (20.09.2002) | Gustav A. Horn
Economic Bulletin 3 / 1997

Unit Labour Costs Still Higher in East than in West Germany

1997| Klaus-Dietrich Bedau
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