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Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

Tapping into Talent: Coupling Education and Innovation Policies for Economic Growth

06.11.2019| Ufuk Akcigit, University of Chicago
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Exit Expectations and Debt Crises in Currency Unions

We study a sovereign debt crisis in a small member state of a currency union. If the country exits the currency union, it may redenominate its liabilities and reduce the real value of debt through depreciation and inflation. We analyze formally how the anticipation of this possibility, “exit expectations”, impact the dynamics of the sovereign debt crisis. First, we show that public debt accumulates ...

In: Journal of International Economics 121 (2019), 103253, 13 S. | Alexander Kriwoluzky, Gernot J. Müller, Martin Wolf
DIW Roundup 134 / 2019

Handlungsspielraum der EZB - von Zinspolitik bis Helikoptergeld

Deklariertes Ziel der EZB-Geldpolitik ist primär Preisstabilität in der Eurozone. Angesichts der ernüchternden Wachstumsprognosen und des konjunkturellen Abschwungs in Europa signalisierte nun der abgehende EZB-Chef Mario Draghi weitere Schritte zur Lockerung der Geldpolitik, um anhaltend niedrige Inflationsraten zu vermeiden. Die EZB verfügt dabei über ein ganzes Spektrum konventioneller und unkonventioneller ...

2019| Jan Philipp Fritsche, Lea Steininger
DIW Wochenbericht 29 / 2019

Nur eine unabhängige Notenbank garantiert niedrige Inflationsraten: Kommentar

2019| Alexander Kriwoluzky

Reforms and the Real Exchange Rate: The Role of Pricing-to-Market

The paper investigates how endogenous markups affect the extent to which policy reforms can inuence international competitiveness. In a two-country model where trade costs allow for international market segmentation, we show that endogenous pricing-to-market behavior of firms acts as an important transmission channel of the policies. By strengthening the degree of competition between rms, product...

10.04.2019| Celine Poilly, University of Aix-Marseille, France

Ambiguity Attitudes about investments: Evidence from the field

Using an incentivized survey and a representative sample of investors, we elicit ambiguity attitudes toward a familiar company stock, a local stock index, a foreign stock index, and a crypto currency. We separately estimate ambiguity aversion (ambiguity preferences) and perceived ambiguity levels (perceptions about ambiguity), while controlling for unknown likelihood beliefs. We show that...

15.05.2019| Roy Kouwenberg, Mahidol University, Bangkok

European unemployment insurance

The paper explores the scope for a federal unemployment insurance scheme in the euro area. It models a union of atomistic member states that have authority over a wide range of domestic labor-market policies. Member states are faced with idiosyncratic business-cycle shocks, but are prevented from international borrowing.Labor-market frictions and wage rigidities mean that business cycles are...

22.05.2019| Marek Jarocinski, European Central Bank

International spillovers of the Fed and ECB monetary policy surprises

This paper uses a structural vector autoregression identified with the high frequency approach to study the international spillovers of the Fed and ECB monetary policy surprises. It distinguishes between the news about monetary policy (monetary policy shocks) and news about the economy in these surprises. The paper finds that the Fed monetary policy shocks have a very strong effect on the euro...

05.06.2019| Marek Jarocinski, European Central Bank

Microforecasting with Individual Forecast Selection

19.06.2019| Raffaella Giacomini, University College London
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