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Diskussionspapiere 503 / 2005

Voting, Inequality, and Redistribution

This paper surveys models of voting on redistribution. Under reasonable assumptions, the baseline model produces an equilibrium with the extent of redistributive taxation chosen by the median income earner; if the median is poorer than average, redistribution is from rich to poor. Increasing inequality increases redistribution. However, under different assumptions about the economic environment,

2005| Rainald Borck
Diskussionspapiere 504 / 2005

Fiscal Competition, Capital-Skill Complementarity, and the Composition of Public Spending

Following Keen and Marchand (1997), the paper analyses the effect of fiscal competition on the composition of public spending in a model where capital and skilled workers are mobile while low skilled workers are immobile. Taxes are levied on capital and labour. Each group of workers benefits from a different kind of public good. Mobility of skilled workers provides an incentive for jurisdictions

2005| Rainald Borck
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Income Taxation and Its Family Components in France

In: CESifo DICE Report (2006), 4, S. 50-54 | Fabien Dell, Katharina Wrohlich
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Familienpolitische Reformen und ihre Wirkungen auf die Erwerbsbeteiligung von Eltern

In: Zeitschrift für Sozialreform 52 (2006), 4, S. 421-438 | Viktor Steiner, Katharina Wrohlich
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Agglomeration and Tax Competition

Tax competition may be different in "new economic geography settings" compared to standard tax competition models. If the mobile factor is completely agglomerated in one region, it earns an agglomeration rent which can be taxed. Closer integration first results in a "race to the top" in taxes before leading to a "race to the bottom". We reexamine these issues in a model that produces stable

In: European Economic Review 50 (2006), 3, S. 647-668 | Rainald Borck, Michael Pflüger
DIW Wochenbericht 22 / 1997

Sonderregelungen zur Begrenzung von Wettbewerbsnachteilen bei der Energiebesteuerung

1997| Stefan Bach, Michael Kohlhaas, Bernhard Seidel
Economic Bulletin 7 / 1997

The Use of Tax Allowances to Reduce Competitive Disadvantages Resulting from Ecological Tax Reform

1997| Stefan Bach, Michael Kohlhaas, Bernhard Seidel
Economic Bulletin 5 / 1998

The Effect of the Increase in VAT on Private Households

1998| Klaus-Dietrich Bedau, Stefan Fahrländer, Bernhard Seidel, Dieter Teichmann
924 Ergebnisse, ab 831