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Diskussionspapiere 1065 / 2010

Entry Regulation and Entrepreneurship: Empirical Evidence from a German Natural Experiment

The amendment to the German Trade and Crafts Code in 2004 offers a natural experiment to asses the causal effects of this reform on the probabilities of being self-employed and transition into and out of self-employment, using cross-sections (2002-2006) of German microcensus data. This study applies the difference-in-differences technique in logit models for four occupational groups. Easing the educational ...

2010| Davud Rostam-Afschar
SOEPpapers 264 / 2010

The Optimal Choice of a Reference Standard for Income Comparisons: Indirect Evidence from Immigrants' Return Visits

I propose two new tests of Falk and Knell's (2004) prediction that individuals' reference income increases with ability. To overcome the difficulty that the reference incomeis not observed in existing large data sets, I extend Falk and Knell's model to establish a link between immigrants' reference income and their return visits to their countries of origin. I derive the (arguably counter-intuitive) ...

2010| Holger Stichnoth
SOEPpapers 263 / 2010

Screening, Competition, and Job Design: Economic Origins of Good Jobs

In recent decades, many firms offered more discretion to their employees, often increasing the productivity of effort but also leaving more opportunities for shirking. These "high-performance work systems" are difficult to understand in terms of standard moral hazard models. We show experimentally that complementarities between high effort discretion, rent-sharing, screening opportunities, and competition ...

2010| Björn Bartling, Ernst Fehr, Klaus M. Schmidt
Diskussionspapiere 935 / 2009

Can Child Care Policy Encourage Employment and Fertility? Evidence from a Structural Model

In this paper we develop a structural model of female employment and fertility which accounts for intertemporal feedback effects between the two outcomes. We identify the effect of financial incentives on the employment and fertility decision by exploiting variation in the tax and transfer system which differs by employment state and number of children. To this end we simulate in detail the effects ...

2009| Peter Haan, Katharina Wrohlich
SOEPpapers 30 / 2007

Earnings Assimilation of Immigrants in Germany: The Importance of Heterogeneity and Attrition Bias

Heterogeneity in the ethnic composition of Germany's immigrant population renders general conclusions on the degree of economic integration difficult. Using a rich longitudinal data-set, this paper tests for differences in economic assimilation profiles of four entry cohorts of foreign-born immigrants and ethnic Germans. The importance of time-invariant individual unobserved heterogeneity and panel ...

2007| Michael Fertig, Stefanie Schurer
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Firm Wage Differentiation in Eastern Germany: A Non-parametric Analysis of the Wage Spread

In Eastern Germany, wage differentiation between firms has clearly grown, parallel to individual wage differentials. Nevertheless, the wage spread between firms is still much less than in Western Germany. In this paper, a non-parametric decomposition is used to analyze the difference between the wages spread in the two parts of Germany. Only part of the difference can be explained by different economic ...

In: Economics of Transition 16 (2008), 2, S. 273-292 | Bernd Görzig, Martin Gornig, Axel Werwatz

International Migration, Ethnicity and Economic Inequality

Bonn: IZA, 2008, 57 S.
(Discussion Paper Series / Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit ; 3450)
| Martin Kahanec, Klaus F. Zimmermann
SOEPpapers 161 / 2009

Female Labor Supply and Parental Leave Benefits: The Causal Effect of Paying Higher Transfers for a Shorter Period of Time

We study the labor supply effects of a change in child-subsidy policy designed to both increase fertility and shorten birth-related employment interruptions. The reform yields most of the intended effects.

2009| Annette Bergemann, Regina T. Riphahn
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Konzept und Messung von Defamilisierung in international vergleichender Perspektive

In: Birgit Pfau-Effinger, Sladana Sakac Magdalenic, Christof Wolf (Hrsg.) , International vergleichende Sozialforschung
Wiesbaden : VS Verl. für Sozialwissenschaften
S. 93-128
| Henning Lohmann
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