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Diskussionspapiere 532 / 2005

Top Incomes and Top Taxes in Germany

We analyze the distribution and taxation of top incomes in Germany during the 1990s on the basis of individual tax returns data. We derive a measure of economic income from taxable gross income as reported in the tax returns. Thanks to complete sampling, we can deliver a very precise description of very high incomes, in terms of both distribution and composition by source. We also provide a

2005| Stefan Bach, Giacomo Corneo, Viktor Steiner
Diskussionspapiere 537 / 2005

Gender-Job Satisfaction Differences across Europe: An Indicator for Labor Market Modernization

In 14 member states of the European Union, women's relative to men's levels of job satisfaction are compared by using data of the European Household Community Panel. The countries under consideration can be assigned to three different groups. Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands do not show significant gender-job satisfaction differences. In contrast, in Portugal men are more satisfied with their

2005| Lutz C. Kaiser
Gutachten / 1996

Beschäftigungsentwicklung im Zuge der Europäischen Währungsunion: Gutachten im Auftrage des DGB und der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

1996| Gustav Adolf Horn, Rudolf Zwiener unter Mitarb. von Helmut Goepel
DIW Wochenbericht 23 / 1997

Globalisierung: Falle oder Wohlstandsquelle?

1997| Harald Trabold
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Earning Dynamics in the East German Transition

In: Regina T. Riphahn, Dennis J. Snower, Klaus F. Zimmermann (Eds.) , Employment Policy in Transition
S. 125-139
| Johannes Schwarze, Gert G. Wagner
Economic Bulletin 7 / 1997

Globalisation: Source of Woe or Source of Wealth?

1997| Harald Trabold
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Einige Fakten zur Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf

In: Politik für Kinder - Politik für Eltern
S. 21-27
Dokumentationen der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung ; 23
| C. Katharina Spieß
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Beschäftigung und Umweltschutz: Von umweltschutzinduzierter Beschäftigung zu Nachhaltigkeit und Arbeit

In: WSI-Mitteilungen 52 (1999), 9, S. 585-592 | Jürgen Blazejczak, Dietmar Edler
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Unemployment and Productivity Growth: An Empirical Analysis within an Augmented Solow Model

Does a country's level of unemployment have an impact on the long-run growth rate? Incorporating unemployment into a generalised Solow-type growth model yields some answers. In the traditional Solow model, unemployment has no long-run influence on the growth rate and the level of productivity. The long-run level of productivity is reduced if higher unemployment leads to less formal education or to

In: Economic Modelling 19 (2002), 1, S. 105-120 | Michael Bräuninger, Markus Pannenberg
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Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf: Fakten, Mängel und Reformen ; auch ein Plädoyer für eine Entideologisierung der Debatten

In: Sozialer Fortschritt (2003), 1, S. 17-23 | C. Katharina Spieß
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