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Diskussionspapiere 557 / 2006

Women in Managerial Positions in Europe: Focus on Germany

Prejudices and stereotypical beliefs about the role of women in society often limit their chances of reaching top leadership positions. This paper presents a detailed analysis of the socioeconomic structure and the gender pay gap in managerial positions in Germany building on a review from a cross-national perspective of women's progress to high-ranking positions and of initiatives to overcome the ...

2006| Elke Holst
Diskussionspapiere 625 / 2006

Tax and Benefit Reforms in a Model of Labour Market Transitions

We present a method for taking advantage of labour market transitions to identify effects of financial incentives on employment decisions. The framework we use is very flexible and by imposing few theoretical assumptions allows extending the modelled sample relative to struc-tural models. We take advantage of this flexibility to include disabled people in the model and to analyse behaviour of disabled ...

2006| Michal Myck, Howard Reed
DIW Wochenbericht 43 / 2008

Arbeitslose Hartz IV-Empfänger: oftmals gering qualifiziert, aber nicht weniger arbeitswillig

Trotz der günstigen Beschäftigungsentwicklung ist die Zahl der Hartz IV-Empfänger in den letzten zweieinhalb Jahren nur wenig gesunken. Die Zahl der erwerbsfähigen und nicht arbeitslosen Leistungsempfänger ist sogar gewachsen. Die Arbeitslosigkeit unter den Hilfeempfängern hat zwar abgenommen, der Rückgang war aber schwächer als bei den übrigen Arbeitslosen. Inzwischen sind 70 Prozent aller Arbeitslosen ...

2008| Karl Brenke
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Ganztagsschulen und Erwerbsbeteiligung von Müttern: eine Mikrosimulationsstudie für Deutschland

In: Zeitschrift für ArbeitsmarktForschung 38 (2005), 2/3, S. 357-372 | Miriam Beblo, Charlotte Lauer, Katharina Wrohlich
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Armutsentwicklung und Arbeitsmarktlage von Migranten und Migrantinnen

In: Migration und soziale Arbeit 27 (2005), 3/4, S. 184-193 | Ingrid Tucci
Diskussionspapiere 532 / 2005

Top Incomes and Top Taxes in Germany

We analyze the distribution and taxation of top incomes in Germany during the 1990s on the basis of individual tax returns data. We derive a measure of economic income from taxable gross income as reported in the tax returns. Thanks to complete sampling, we can deliver a very precise description of very high incomes, in terms of both distribution and composition by source. We also provide a measure ...

2005| Stefan Bach, Giacomo Corneo, Viktor Steiner
Diskussionspapiere 537 / 2005

Gender-Job Satisfaction Differences across Europe: An Indicator for Labor Market Modernization

In 14 member states of the European Union, women's relative to men's levels of job satisfaction are compared by using data of the European Household Community Panel. The countries under consideration can be assigned to three different groups. Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands do not show significant gender-job satisfaction differences. In contrast, in Portugal men are more satisfied with their jobs ...

2005| Lutz C. Kaiser

Women in Management, Academia, and Other Professions: Stagnation or Progress?

München [u.a.]: Hampp, 2006, 213 S.
(Management Revue : The International Review of Management Studies / Special Issue ; Vol. 17, Iss. 2, 2006)
| Marianne A. Ferber, Elke Holst, Wenzel Matiaske (Eds.)
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Women in Managerial Positions in Europe: Focus on Germany

In: Management Revue 17 (2006), 2, S. 122-142 | Elke Holst

Labor Supply and Child Care Choices in a Rationed Child Care Market

Bonn: IZA, 2006, 29 S.
(Discussion Paper Series / Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit ; 2053)
| Katharina Wrohlich
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