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Standort Deutschland im Kontext des europäischen Binnenmarktes

In: Hans-Jörg Bullinger, Hans-Jürgen Warnecke, Engelbert Westkämper (Hrsg.) , Neue Organisationsformen im Unternehmen
S. 194-203
| Bernhard Seidel
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A State Space Model for Berlin House Prices: Estimation and Economic Interpretation

Hedonic regression has become the standard approach for modeling the behavior of house prices. Usually, the common price component is modeled via dummy variables. Based on an approximation for the present value, we deliver an economic interpretation of the common price component. This allows to include explanatory factors like inflation rates, mortgage rates and building permissions. The notional

In: Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 28 (2004), 1, S.37-57 | Axel Werwatz, Rainer Schulz
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Online Prediction of Berlin Single-Family House Prices

In: Computational Statistics 18 (2003), 3, S. 449-462 | Rainer Schulz ..., Axel Werwatz ...
Diskussionspapiere 432 / 2004

Cartel Stability and Economic Integration

This paper investigates the effect of economic integration on the ability of firms to maintain a collusive understanding about staying out of each other's markets. The paper distinguishes among different types of trade costs: ad valorem, unit, fixed. It is shown that for a sufficient reduction of ad valorem trade costs, a cartel supported by collusion on either quantities or prices will be

2004| Philipp J. H. Schröder
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Mit Markt zu Nachhaltigkeit? Möglichkeiten und Grenzen einer Bestimmung von Nachhaltigkeitszielen durch marktwirtschaftliche Mechanismen

In: Lutz Mez (Hrsg.) , Umweltpolitik und Staatsversagen
S. 223-230
| Jürgen Blazejczak, Daniel Krähmer
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The Impact of E-Business on Market Structure: The Case of the Automotive Industry

In: E-Commerce 2004
S. 3-10
| Daniel Nepelski
Diskussionspapiere 414 / 2004

The Amenity Value of Climate to German Households

This study uses the hedonic approach to measure the amenity value of climate in Germany. Unlike in earlier research separate hedonic wage and house price regressions are estimated for relatively small geographic areas and formal tests undertaken to determine whether the coefficients describing the impact of climate variables are homogenous across these areas. Evidence suggests that German

2004| Katrin Rehdanz, David Maddison
SOEPpapers 186 / 2009

Factors Influencing Tenure Choice in European Countries

Homeownership rates are very different across European countries. They range from below 50% in Germany to over 80% in Greece, Spain or Ireland. However the differences lie not only in the overall homeownership rates but also in its structure, and this is the focus of this paper. Its aim is to study the impact of microeconomic factors on household's tenure choice, using a cross-country comparative

2009| Monika Bazyl
Diskussionspapiere 896 / 2009

The Cross-Section of Output and Inflation in a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model with Sticky Prices

In a standard dynamic stochastic general equilibrium framework, with sticky prices, the cross sectional distribution of output and inflation across a population of firms is studied. The only form of heterogeneity is confined to the probability that the ith changes its prices in response to a shock. In this Calvo setup the moments of the cross sectional distribution of output and inflation depend

2009| Jörg Döpke, Michael Funke, Sean Holly, Sebastian Weber
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Perspectives of the European Natural Gas Markets until 2025

We apply the EMF 23 study design to simulate the effects of the reference case and the scenarios to European natural gas supplies to 2025. We use GASMOD, a strategic several-layer model of European natural gas supply, consisting of upstream natural gas producers, traders in each consuming European country (or region), and final demand. Our model results suggest rather modest changes in the overall

In: The Energy Journal (2009), Special Issue, S. 137-150 | Franziska Holz, Christian von Hirschhausen, Claudia Kemfert
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