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Do Google Searches Help in Nowcasting Private Consumption? A Real-Time Evidence for the US

Zürich: KOF, 2010, 25 S.
(KOF Working Papers ; 256)
| Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Maximilian Podstawski, Boriss Siliverstovs
SOEPpapers 48 / 2007

Germans in Germany's Ethnic Neighborhoods

In contrast to most research on the effects on residents of living in an ethnic neighborhood, this paper explores how living within an ethnic neighborhood affects members of the dominant ethnic group - in this case Germans - rather than the ...

2007| Anita I. Drever
SOEPpapers 57 / 2007

Ethnic Identity and Immigrant Homeownership

Immigrants are much less likely to own their homes than natives, even after controlling for a broad range of life-cycle and socio-economic characteristics and housing market conditions. This paper extends the analysis of immigrant housing tenure ...

2007| Amelie Constant, Rowan Roberts, Klaus F. Zimmermann
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Tax Liability-Side Equivalence in Experimental Posted-Offer Markets

In theory, the incidence of a tax should be independent of the side of the market on which it is levied. This principle of liability-side equivalence underlies virtually all theories of tax incidence. Policy discussions, however, tend to place great

In: The Southern Economic Journal 68 (2002), 3, S. 672-682 | Rainald Borck, Dirk Engelmann, Wieland Müller, Hans-Theo Normann
DIW Wochenbericht 28 / 2011

Verbraucherumfragen für Konsumprognosen besser nutzen

Mehr als die Hälfte des Bruttoinlandsprodukts im Euroraum wird für den privaten Verbrauch verwendet. Daher kommt der Genauigkeit von Konsumprognosen eine besondere Bedeutung zu. Da der Konsum maßgeblich von den Stimmungen der Akteure beeinflusst wird

2011| Christian Dreger, Konstantin A. Kholodilin
Diskussionspapiere 997 / 2010

Do Google Searches Help in Nowcasting Private Consumption? A Real-Time Evidence for the US

In this paper, we investigate whether the Google search activity can help in nowcasting the year-on-year growth rates of monthly US private consumption using a real-time data set. The Google-based forecasts are compared to those based on a benchmark

2010| Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Maximilian Podstawski, Boriss Siliverstovs
SOEPpapers 133 / 2008

Private Retirement Savings in Germany: The Structure of Tax Incentives and Annuitization

The present paper studies the growth, welfare and efficiency consequences of the recent introduction of tax-favored retirement accounts in Germany in a general equilibrium overlapping generations model with idiosyncratic lifespan and labor income ...

2008| Hans Fehr, Christian Habermann
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Verbraucherschutz in Kindertageseinrichtungen - warum er auch in diesem Bereich unabdingbar und elementar ist

In: André Habisch, Hans Ludwig Schmidt, Michael Bayer (Hrsg.) , Familienforschung Interdisziplinär
S. 55-68
CONNEX - gesellschaftspolitische Studien ; 3
| C. Katharina Spieß
418 Ergebnisse, ab 381