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An Economic Analysis of China's Credit Information Monopoly

The Chinese government is building the largest public credit information database on earth. The Credit Registry Center of the People's Bank of China registers more than 600 million consumers of which 110 million have a credit relationship with a financial institution. The Center is a public utility monopoly which collects information from banks and non-bank institutions - a unique approach developed ...

In: China Economic Review 19 (2008), 4, S. 537-550 | Nicola Jentzsch
SOEPpapers 234 / 2009

Schenkungen und Erbschaften im Lebenslauf: vergleichende Längsschnittanalysen zu intergenerationalen Transfers

The research on private financial transfers between generations lacks a longitudinal perspective. Gifts as intergenerational transfers inter vivos allow us to study the importance of life course events for the chances of receiving transfers. In Germany, gifts are highly private and leave more scope for decision-making than the regulated bequests. Thus, gifts are better suited to test theories on family ...

2009| Thomas Leopold, Thorsten Schneider
SOEPpapers 117 / 2008

Financial Risk Aversion and Household Asset Diversification

This paper explores the relationship between risk attitude and asset diversification in household portfolios. We first examine the impact of manifested risk aversion on the total number of distinct assets held in a portfolio (naive diversification). The second part of the paper focuses on a more sophisticated strategy of diversification and asks whether financial theory is compatible with observed ...

2008| Nataliya Barasinska, Dorothea Schäfer, Andreas Stephan
SOEPpapers 202 / 2009

Housing, Energy Cost, and the Poor: Counteracting Effects in Germany's Housing Allowance Program

Adequate housing and affordable warmth are essential human needs, the lack of which may seriously harm people's health. Germany provides an allowance to low-income households, covering the housing as well as the space heating cost, to protect people from the consequences of poor housing conditions and fuel poverty. In order to limit public expenditures, payment recipients are required to choose low-cost ...

2009| Peter Grösche
Sonderhefte 145 / 1988

Die Beseitigung von Steuergrenzen in der Europäischen Gemeinschaft: Vorteile und Probleme einer Harmonisierung von Mehrwertsteuer und Verbrauchssteuern im europäischen Binnenmarkt

1988| Rüdiger Parsche ; Bernhard Seidel ; Dieter Teichmann. Unter Mitarb. von Georg Erber ; Hansjörg Haas
DIW Wochenbericht 39 / 1999

Der private Konsum in der Europäischen Währungsunion zur Jahresmitte 1999

1999| Jochen Schmidt
Diskussionspapiere 534 / 2005

Corrective Ad Valorem and Unit Taxes: A Welfare Comparison

The ad valorem versus unit taxes debate has traditionally emphasized tax yield. For this criterion, ad valorem taxes outperform unit taxes in terms of welfare for a wide range of imperfect competition settings, including Dixit-Stiglitz monopolistic competition. Yet, in a number of policy fields, such as environmental, health or trade economics, policy makers apply taxes to target the production/consumption ...

2005| Susanne Dröge, Philipp J. H. Schröder
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