2053 Ergebnisse, ab 1921

Anforderungen an und Anknüpfungspunkte für eine Reform des Steuersystems unter ökologischen Aspekten: Forschungsbericht 101 03 175, neu: 296 14 175 UBA-FB 99-024/1

Berlin: Schmidt, 1999, 633 S.
(Berichte / Umweltbundesamt ; 3/99)
| Stefan Bach, Martin Gornig, Michael Kohlhaas, Volker Meinhardt, Barbara Praetorius, Bernhard Seidel, D. Teichmann, U. Voigt, R. Zwiener, D. Ewringmann, B. Linscheidt, A. Truger, R. Walz, H. Bradke, M. Corley unter Mitarb. von G. Erber u.a.
DIW Wochenbericht 36 / 1999

Nur zaghafter Einstieg in die ökologische Steuerreform

1999| Stefan Bach, Michael Kohlhaas
Economic Bulletin 7 / 2000

Power Exchanges in the Liberalised Electricity Market

2000| Barbara Praetorius

Mobilität 2025: der Einfluss von Einkommen, Mobilitätskosten und Demografie: Anhang 3: Die Mobilitätskosten im Jahr 2025

Berlin: ifmo, 2008, IV, 69 S.
| Manfred Horn, Uwe Kunert (Ltg.), Dominika Kalinowska, Jutta Kloas, Richard Ochmann, Erika Schulz
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EU-Binnenstrategie für Energie und Klima

In: Josef Braml u.a. (Hrsg.) , Weltverträgliche Energiesicherheitspolitik
S. 297-302
Jahrbuch Internationale Politik ; 2005/2006
| Claudia Kemfert
Diskussionspapiere 911 / 2009

A Simple Model of an Oil Based Global Savings Glut: The "China Factor" and the OPEC Cartel

The purpose of this contribution is to illustrate the mechanism by which higher oil prices might lead to lower interest rates in the context of a simple model that takes into account the global external savings equilibrium. The simple model has interesting implications for how one views the huge US current account deficit and how the emergence of China's savings surplus and oil supply shocks impact ...

2009| Ansgar Belke, Daniel Gros
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Does the European Natural Gas Market Pass the Competitive Benchmark of the Theory of Storage? Indirect Tests for Three Major Trading Points

This paper presents the first comparative analysis of the relationship between natural gas storage utilization and price patterns at three major European trading points. Using two indirect tests developed by (Fama and French, 1987) and (Fama and French, 1988) that are applied in other commodity markets, we impose the no arbitrage condition to model the efficiency of the natural gas market. The results ...

In: Energy Policy 37 (2009), 12, S. 5432-5439 | Marcus Stronzik, Margarethe Rammerstorfer, Anne Neumann
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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in a Carbon Constrained World: The Role of Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) promises to allow for low-emissions fossil-fuel-based power generation. The technology is under development; a number of technological, economic, environmental and safety issues remain to be solved. CCS may prolong the prevailing coal-to-electricity regime and countervail efforts in other mitigation categories. Given the need to continue using fossil-fuels for some ...

In: Energy Policy 37 (2009), 12, S. 5081-5093 | Barbara Praetorius, Katja Schumacher
2053 Ergebnisse, ab 1921