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2034 Ergebnisse, ab 1961
Sonderhefte 153 / 1995

Wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen einer ökologischen Steuerreform

1995| Stefan Bach, Michael Kohlhaas, Volker Meinhardt, Barbara Praetorius, Hans Wessls, Rudolf Zwiener
Sonstige Publikationen des DIW / Monographien

Wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen einer ökologischen Steuerreform: Gutachten im Auftrag von Greenpeace

1994| Michael Kohlhaas (Projektltg.), Stefan Bach, Volker Meinhardt, Barbara Praetorius, Hans Wessels, Rudolf Zwiener

Energiesparen - Klimaschutz, der sich rechnet: ökonomische Argumente in der Klimapolitik

Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag, 2000, 239 S.
(Technik, Wirtschaft und Politik : Schriftenreihe des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung ; 43)
| Katrin Ostertag, Eberhard Jochem, Joachim Schleich, Rainer Walz, Michael Kohlhaas, Jochen Diekmann, Hans-Joachim Ziesing
Diskussionspapiere 1166 / 2011

Renewable Electric Energy Integration: Quantifying the Value of Design of Markets for International Transmission Capacity

Integrating large quantities of supply-driven renewable electricity generation remains a political and operational challenge. One of the main obstacles in Europe to installing at least 200 GWs of power from variable renewable sources is how to deal with the insufficient network capacity and the congestion that will result from new flow patterns. We model the current methodology for controlling

2011| Karsten Neuhoff, Rodney Boyd, Thilo Grau, Julian Barquin, Francisco Echavarren, Janusz Bialek, Chris Dent, Christian von Hirschhausen, Benjamin Hobbs, Friedrich Kunz, Hannes Weigt, Christian Nabe, Georgios Papaefthymiou, Christoph Weber
Diskussionspapiere 1144 / 2011

Merger Efficiency and Welfare Implications of Buyer Power

This paper analyzes the welfare implications of buyer mergers, which are mergers between downstream firms from different markets. We focus on the interaction between the merger's effects on downstream efficiency and on buyer power in a setup where one manufacturer with a non-linear cost function sells to two locally competitive retail markets. We show that size discounts for the merged entity has

2011| Özlem Bedre-Defolie, Stéphane Caprice
Diskussionspapiere 349 / 2003

Energy Taxation and Competitiveness: Special Provisions for Business in Germany's Environmental Tax Reform

Environmental taxation very often comprises special provisions for parts of the business sector in order to attenuate effects on competitiveness of emissionintensive activities. This paper discusses motives, alternative designs and criteria for the evaluation of such safeguards and analyzes if such provisions can reconcile environmental and economicobjectives. It looks at theoretical aspects as

2003| Michael Kohlhaas
Diskussionspapiere 341 / 2003

How to Turn an Industry Green: Taxes versus Subsidies

Environmental policies frequently target the ratio of dirty to green output within the same industry. To achieve such targets the green sector may be subsidised or the dirty sector be taxed. This paper shows that in a monopolistic competition setting the two policy instruments have different welfare effects. For a strong green policy (a severe reduction of the dirty sector) a tax is the dominant

2003| Susanne Dröge, Philipp J. H. Schröder
Weitere Aufsätze

Die ökologische Steuerreform - Sackgasse oder Königsweg? Das DIW-Gutachten

In: Greenpeace (Hrsg.) , Der Preis der Energie
S. 97-188
Beck'sche Reihe ; 1122
| Thomas Worm, Stefan Bach, Michael Kohlhaas, Volker Meinhardt, Barbara Praetorius, Hans Wessels, Rudolf Zwiener
2034 Ergebnisse, ab 1961