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SOEPpapers 31 / 2007

Cost Liability and Residential Space Heating Expenditures of Welfare Recipients in Germany

Within the German welfare system, heating expenditures of recipients are in general fully covered by the government. This paper empirically tests for the hypothesis that households receiving welfare payments turn to over consumption of residential space heating. We use microdata from two different data sources to explore whether conditional heating expenditures of these households significantly differ ...

2007| Katrin Rehdanz, Sven Stöwhase
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Die "Geiselhaft" des Relationship-Intermediärs: eine Nachlese zur Beinahe-Insolvenz des Holzmann-Konzerns

When the Philipp Holzmann corporation declared insolvency many professional observers suggested that the German constructor had fallen victim to the operation of `Germany Inc.'. This metaphor meant to blame the close ties between Deutsche Bank and Holzmann as the ultimate reason for the insolvency of Holzmann. This paper challenges the notion that the relationship between Deutsche Bank and Holzmann ...

In: Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik 4 (2003), 1, S. 65-84 | Dorothea Schäfer
Diskussionspapiere 778 / 2008

Mortgage Market Maturity and Homeownership Inequality among Young Households: A Five-Country Perspective

This paper uses the newly constructed Luxembourg Wealth Study data to document cross-country variation in homeownership rates and the homeownership-income inequality among young households in Finland, Germany, Italy, the UK and the US, and relate it to cross-country differences in mortgage market maturity. We find that aside from Italy, homeownership rates and inequality in the four countries correspond ...

2008| Alena Bicakova, Eva Sierminska
Diskussionspapiere 758 / 2007

What Drives Housing Prices Down? Evidence from an International Panel

In this study, we suggest an explanation for the alarmingly low growth rates of real housing prices in Canada and Germany in comparison to other OECD countries over 1975-2005. We show that the long-run development of housing markets is determined by real disposable per capita income, real long-term interest rate, population growth, and urbanization. The differential development of real housing prices ...

2007| Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Jan-Oliver Menz, Boriss Siliverstovs
Sonderhefte 26 / 1932

Der Immobiliarkredit: seine Lage und Aussichten

1932| Gerhard Kokotkiewicz
Sonderhefte 30 / 1932

Der Immobiliarkredit: seine Lage und Aussichten

1932| Gerhard Kokotkiewicz
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Online Forecasting of House Prices

In: Contributed Papers. 54th Session 2003
Berlin : International Statistical Institute
S. 453-454
Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute ; 60
| Hizir Sofyan ..., Axel Werwatz
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Bauwirtschaft und internationale Verflechtung

In: Herbert Brücker, Harald Trabold, Parvati Trübswetter, Christian Weise (Hrsg.) , Migration: Potential und Effekte für den deutschen Arbeitsmarkt
Baden-Baden : Nomos Verl.-Ges.
S. 152-161
Schriften der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung ; 53
| Christian Weise
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