1914 Ergebnisse, ab 1541
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Möglichkeiten der Knappheit: Speisung der Fünftausend

In: Claudia Schulz, Gerhard Wegner (Hrsg.) , Wer hat, dem wird gegeben
Nürnberg : Tessloff
S. 49-53
| Gert G. Wagner
SOEPpapers 180 / 2009

Financing Social Security: Simulating Different Welfare State Systems for Germany

In Germany, there is an ongoing debate about how to increase the efficiency of the social security system and especially its financing. The aim of this paper is to simulate different financing systems for Germany. The introduction of a Liberal British or the Southern Greek financing system increases inequality and poverty, as well as labour supply incentives. The introduction of the Social-democratic ...

2009| Caroline Dieckhoener, Andreas Peichl
SOEPpapers 181 / 2009

Older or Wealthier? The Impact of Age Adjustments on the Wealth Inequality Ranking of Countries

Differences in individual wealth holdings are widely viewed as a driving force of economic inequality. However, as this finding relies on cross-section data, we may confuse older with wealthier. We propose a new method to adjust for age effects in cross-sections, which eliminates transitory wealth inequality due to age, yet preserves inequality arising from other factors. This new method is superior ...

2009| Ingvild Almas, Magne Mogstady
SOEPpapers 214 / 2009

Life Satisfaction and Relative Income: Perceptions and Evidence

Using a unique dataset we study both the actual and self-perceived relationship between subjective well-being and income comparisons against a wide range of potential comparison groups, enabling us to investigate a broader range of questions than in previous studies. In questions inserted into a 2008 module of the German-Socio Economic Panel Study we ask subjects to report (a) how their income compares ...

2009| Guy Mayraz, Gert G. Wagner, Jürgen Schupp
SOEPpapers 216 / 2009

The Justice of Earnings in Dual-Earner Households

The rise in female labor market participation and the growth of "atypical" employment arrangements has, over the last few decades, brought about a steadily decreasingpercentage of households in which the man is the sole breadwinner, and a rising percentage of dual-earner households. Against this backdrop, the present paper investigates the impact of household contexts in which the traditional male ...

2009| Stefan Liebig, Carsten Sauer, Jürgen Schupp
Diskussionspapiere 47 / 1992

Die Entwicklung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Arbeitseinkommensquote und ihrer Einflußgrößen

1992| Klaus-Dietrich Bedau ; Helmut Klatt
Diskussionspapiere 21 / 1991

Bekanntes (oder Unbekanntes?) über die "gesamtwirtschaftliche Lohnquote"

1991| Klaus-Dietrich Bedau ; Helmut Klatt
Diskussionspapiere 30 / 1991

Some New Insights on the Interindustry Wage Structure from the German Socio-Economic Panel

This paper investigates the interindustry wage structure in the 1985 wave of the German Socioeconomic Panel. In addition to the usual controls, this survey contains detailed information on job characteristics and work conditions. Interaction of industry affiliation is significant with several individual attributes, especially job tenure; homogeneity of earnings equations across these attributes is ...

1991| Michael C. Burda
1914 Ergebnisse, ab 1541