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1681 Ergebnisse, ab 1571
SOEPpapers 130 / 2008

Adaptation to Income over Time: A Weak Point of Subjective Well-Being

This article holds the view that intertemporal comparisons of subjective well-being measures are only meaningful when the underlying standards of judgment are unaltered. This is a weak point of such measures. The study investigates the change in the

2008| Christoph Wunder
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The Working Poor in European Welfare States: Empirical Evidence from a Multilevel Perspective

In: Hans-Jürgen Andreß, Henning Lohmann (Eds.) , The Working Poor
S. 47-74
| Henning Lohmann
SOEPpapers 148 / 2008

The East German Wage Structure after Transition

We extend the literature on transition economies' wage structures by investigating the returns to tenure and experience. This study applies recent panel data and estimation approaches that control for hitherto neglected biases. We compare the life ..

2008| Robert Orlowski, Regina T. Riphahn
SOEPpapers 156 / 2009

Do Smart Parents Raise Smart Children? The Intergenerational Transmission of Cognitive Abilities

Complementing prior research on income mobility and educational transmission, we provide evidence on the intergenerational transmission of cognitive abilities using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study. Our estimates suggest that ...

2009| Silke Anger, Guido Heineck
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International Migration, Ethnicity, and Economic Inequality

In: Wiemer Salverda, Brian Nolan, Timothy M. Smeeding , The Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality
S. 455-490
| Martin Kahanec, Klaus F. Zimmermann
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Stability and Change of Well Being: An Experimentally Enhanced Latent State-Trait-Error Analysis

This study uses longitudinal panel data and short-term retest data from the same respondents in the German Socio-economic Panel to estimate the contribution of state and trait variance to the reliable variance in judgments of life satisfaction and ..

In: Social Indicators Research 95 (2010), 1, S. 19-31 | Ulrich Schimmack, Peter Krause, Gert G. Wagner, Jürgen Schupp
Diskussionspapiere 887 / 2009

Armut von Erwerbstätigen im europäischen Vergleich: eine Analyse unter Berücksichtigung des Einkommensverteilungsprozesses

In Europa bestehen deutliche Unterschiede im Ausmaß und in der Struktur von Armut von Erwerbstätigen. Die vorliegende Untersuchung analysiert in einem Vergleich von 20 Ländern, inwieweit dies auf die unterschiedliche Ausgestaltung der ...In Europe, t

2009| Henning Lohmann
SOEPpapers 207 / 2009

Low Pay Persistence in European Countries

Using panel data for twelve European countries over the period 1994-2001 we estimate the extent of state dependence in low pay. Controlling for observable and unobservable heterogeneity as well as the endogeneity of initial conditions we find ...

2009| Ken Clark, Nikolaos C. Kanellopoulos
SOEPpapers 183 / 2009

Policy, Institutional Factors and Earnings Mobility

This paper uses ECHP and OECD data for 14 EU countries to explore the role of labour market factors in explaining cross-national differences in the dynamic structure of earnings: in permanent inequality, transitory inequality and earnings mobility. .

2009| Denisa Maria Sologon, Cathal O'Donoghue
1681 Ergebnisse, ab 1571