1873 Ergebnisse, ab 1621
Economic Bulletin 3 / 1995

East German Incomes Continue to Rise - But Renewed Increase in Poverty

1995| Peter Krause
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How Unification and Immigration Affected the German Income Distribution

The German economy is not only affected by unification of Germany but by a significant influx of immigrants from abroad and huge migration from East to West Germany around the date of unification. Data from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (GSOEP) allows one to disentangle those effects by decomposition of the Theil I(0)-Index of inequality. In addition, the paper offers insights into the transition ...

In: European Economic Review 43 (1999), 4-6, S. 867-878 | Markus M. Grabka, Johannes Schwarze, Gert G. Wagner

Zwischen drinnen und draußen: Arbeitsmarktchancen und soziale Ausgrenzungen in Deutschland

Opladen: Leske + Budrich, 2000, 236 S. | Felix Büchel, Martin Diewald, Peter Krause (Hrsg.)
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Chancengleichheit - nicht nur ein Problem für Zuwanderer

In: Diether Döring, Richard Hauser (Hrsg.) , Soziale Sicherheit in Gefahr
Frankfurt am Main : Suhrkamp
S. 129-146
edition suhrkamp ; 1907 = N.F. 907
| Gert G. Wagner
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Incidence and Intensity of Smoothed Income Poverty in European Countries

The purpose of this paper is to obtain, by combining two longitudinal perspectives, a more detailed national picture of poverty in the member states of the European Union, using the first four waves (1994-7) of the European Community Household Panel (ECHP). In addition to this detailed consideration is given to the time dimension, poverty incidence, poverty gap and poverty intensity. Overall, the ranking ...

In: Journal of European Social Policy 13 (2003), 4, S. 357-369 | Birgit Kuchler, Jan Goebel
Diskussionspapiere 376 / 2003

Missing Income Data in the German SOEP: Incidence, Imputation and its Impact on the Income Distribution

This paper deals with the question of selectivity of missing data on income questions in large panel surveys due to item-non-response and with imputation as one alternative strategy to cope with this issue. In contrast to cross-section surveys, the imputation of missing values in panel data can profit from longitudinal information which is available for the very same observation units from other points ...

2003| Joachim R. Frick, Markus M. Grabka
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The Dynamics of Child Poverty: Britain and Germany Compared

In: Journal of Comparative Family Studies 34 (2003), 3, S. 337-355 | Stephen P. Jenkins, Christian Schluter, Gert G. Wagner
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