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SOEPpapers 173 / 2009

SOEP as a Source for Research on Ageing: Issues, Measures and Possibilities for Improvement

Demographic change is a key consequence of the development of modern societies. The prolongation of life expectancy, shifts of mortality into later life and long-term low fertility rates cause essential changes in population structures - with an increase in the number and proportion of older people as a key feature. The changes in mortality patterns can be seen as a success of modern society. But demographic ...

2009| Laura Romeu Gordo, Andreas Motel-Klingebiel, Susanne Wurm
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Sozial- und Gesundheitspolitik

In: Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration
Bonn : Europa Union Verl.
S. 153-160
| Volker Meinhardt, Bernhard Seidel
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Sozial- und Gesundheitspolitik

In: Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration
Bonn : Europa Union Verl.
S. 147-152
| Volker Meinhardt, Bernhard Seidel
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Deutschland 2010: nach der Reform ist vor der Reform

In: Klaus F. Zimmermann (Hrsg.) , Reformen - jetzt!
Wiesbaden : Gabler
S. 11-28
| Klaus F. Zimmermann
SOEPpapers 599 / 2013

Natural Disaster, Policy Action, and Mental Well-Being: The Case of Fukushima

We study the impact of the Fukushima disaster on people's mental well·being in another industrialized country, more than 5000 miles distant. The meltdown significantlyincreased environmental concerns by 20% among the German population. Subsequent drastic policy action permanently shut down the oldest nuclear reactors, implemented the phase·out of the remaining ones, and proclaimed the transition to ...

2013| Jan Goebel, Christian Krekel, Tim Tiefenbach, Nicolas R. Ziebarth
DIW Wochenbericht 5 / 2013

Bildung der Mütter kommt der Gesundheit ihrer Kinder zugute

Jugendliche rauchen häufiger, treiben seltener Sport und sind öfter übergewichtig, je niedriger der Schulabschluss ihrer Mutter ist. Das zeigt eine Studie des DIW Berlin auf Grundlage von Daten des Sozio-oekonomischen Panels (SOEP). Zumindest ein Teil dieser gesundheitsbezogenen Unterschiede kann ursächlich auf die Bildung der Mütter zurückgeführt werden. Soziale Unterschiede zeigen sich bereits bei ...

2013| Daniel Kemptner, Jan Marcus
SOEPpapers 615 / 2013

The Influence of Child Care on Maternal Health and Mother-Child Interaction

In Germany, formal child care coverage rates have increased markedly over the past few decades. The expansion in coverage is particularly pronounced for under 3 year-olds. The present paper is concerned with how mothers' mental and physical health is affected by whether they place their child in formal day care or not. Furthermore, the effects of formal child care usage on mother-child interaction ...

2013| Alexandra Kröll, Rainald Borck
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Jobless Now, Sick Later? Investigating the Long-Term Consequences of Involuntary Job Loss on Health

In the light of the current economic crises which in many countries lead to business closures and mass lay-offs, the consequences of job loss are important on various dimensions. They have to be investigated not only in consideration of a few years, but with a long-term perspective as well, because early life course events may prove important for later life outcomes. This paper uses data from SHARELIFE ...

In: Advances in Life Course Research 18 (2013), 1, S. 5-15 | Mathis Schröder
Diskussionspapiere 1244 / 2012

Noise Expectation and House Prices

In this paper, we examine the effects of an airport expansion on the prices of houses and flats located under the planned flight corridors. We focus on the role of expectations about the exposure to noise and find that proximity to the planned corridors significantly reduces real estate prices in the affected areas, by around 41% to 60%, depending on the sample. Hereby, the various plans of expanding ...

2012| Andreas Mense, Konstantin A. Kholodilin
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