1788 Ergebnisse, ab 1671

The Balassa-Samuelson Effect in Central and Eastern Europe: Myth or Reality?

Ann Arbor, MI: The William Davidson Institute, 2002, 29 S.
(William Davidson Working Paper ; 483)
| Balázs Égert, Imed Drine, Kirsten Lommatzsch, Christophe Rault
Diskussionspapiere 376 / 2003

Missing Income Data in the German SOEP: Incidence, Imputation and its Impact on the Income Distribution

This paper deals with the question of selectivity of missing data on income questions in large panel surveys due to item-non-response and with imputation as one alternative strategy to cope with this issue. In contrast to cross-section surveys, the imputation of missing values in panel data can profit from longitudinal information which is available for the very same observation units from other points ...

2003| Joachim R. Frick, Markus M. Grabka
Diskussionspapiere 378 / 2003

The Dynamics of Repeat Migration: A Markov Chain Analysis

While the literature has established that there is substantial and highly selective return migration, the growing importance of repeat migration has been largely ignored. Using Markov chain analysis, this paper provides a modeling framework for repeated moves of migrants between the host and home countries. The Markov transition matrix between the states in two consecutive periods is parameterized ...

2003| Amelie Constant, Klaus F. Zimmermann

Repräsentative Analyse der Lebenslagen einkommensstarker Haushalte: fachlicher Endbericht des Forschungsauftrags für das Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und Soziale Sicherung

Bonn: Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und Soziale Sicherung, 2003, V, 155 S. | Jürgen Schupp, Tobias Gramlich, Bettina Isengard, Rainer Pischner, Gert G. Wagner, Bernhard von Rosenbladt
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Das Sozio-oekonomische Panel (SOEP) als Grundlage für Analysen zur Bildungslage von Personen mit Migrationshintergrund

In: Migrationshintergrund von Kindern und Jugendlichen
Berlin : BMBF
S. 81-90
Bildungsreform ; 14
| Joachim R. Frick, Janina Söhn
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Analysen mit Bezug zu "Migration und Gesundheit" auf Basis des Sozio-oekonomischen Panels (SOEP)

In: Migrationssensible Studiendesigns zur Repräsentation des Migrationsstatus in der Gesundheitsforschung
Berlin : Robert-Koch-Institut
S. 49-54
| Joachim R. Frick, Ingrid Tucci

Representative Wealth Data for Germany: The Impact of Methodological Decisions around Imputation and the Choice of Aggregation Unit

Luxembourg: Luxembourg Wealth Study Conference, 2007, 31 S. | Joachim R. Frick, Markus M. Grabka, Eva M. Sierminska
Diskussionspapiere 647 / 2006

What Drives Personal Consumption? The Role of Housing and Financial Wealth

I construct a new dataset with financial and housing wealth in 16 countries and investigate the effect of wealth on consumption. The baseline estimation method based on the sluggishness of consumption growth implies that the long-run marginal propensity to consume out of total wealth averaged across countries is 5 cents. I find substantial heterogeneity in the wealth effects: the individual country ...

2006| Jiri Slacalek
Diskussionspapiere 219 / 2000

Estimating Welfare Indices: Household Weights and Sample Design

2000| Frank A. Cowell, Stephen P. Jenkins
1788 Ergebnisse, ab 1671