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Diskussionspapiere 997 / 2010

Do Google Searches Help in Nowcasting Private Consumption? A Real-Time Evidence for the US

In this paper, we investigate whether the Google search activity can help in nowcasting the year-on-year growth rates of monthly US private consumption using a real-time data set. The Google-based forecasts are compared to those based on a benchmark

2010| Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Maximilian Podstawski, Boriss Siliverstovs
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The Dynamics of European Inflation Expectations

We investigate the relevance of Carroll's sticky information model of inflation expectations for four major European economies (France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom). In contrast to the most rational expectation models, households in the ...

In: The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 8 (2008), 1, Article 12 | Jörg Döpke, Jonas Dovern, Ulrich Fritsche, Jiri Slacalek
Diskussionspapiere 879 / 2009

Multi-Factor Gegenbauer Processes and European Inflation Rates

In this paper we specify a multi-factor long-memory process that enables us to estimate the fractional differencing parameters at each frequency separately, and adopt this framework to model quarterly prices in three European countries (France, Italy

2009| Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Luis A. Gil-Alana
Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 3 / 2001

Seasonal Adjustment Methods and the Determination of Turning Points of the EMU Business Cycle

In this paper, we investigate the impact of the adjustment for seasonal effects with different seasonal adjustment methods, the possible pre-treatment for calendar effects and the different order of aggregation and adjustment for the determination of

2001| Kirsten Lommatzsch, Sabine Stephan
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Der verlorene Aufschwung

In: Handelsblatt (20.09.2002) | Gustav A. Horn
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Optimal Fiscal Policy in an Economy Facing Sociopolitical Instability

In: Review of Development Economics 7 (2003), 4, S. 583- 598 | Chetan Ghate, Quan Vu Le, Paul J. Zak
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Assessing Leading Indicators for the EMU Area from a Practitioner's Perspective

In this paper, the empirical relevance of the credit channel for the explanation of monetary policy transmission in Germany during the period from 1985 to 1998 is analyzed. While existing studies of the credit channel rely mostly on the analysis of .

In: Applied Economics Quarterly 49 (2003), 4, S. 339-358 | Ulrich Fritsche, Vladimir Kuzin, Felix Marklein
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Declining Output Volatility in Germany: Impulses, Propagation and the Role of Monetary Policy

The decline in output volatility in Germany is analysed. A lower level of variance in an autoregressive model of output growth can be either due to a change in the structure of the economy (a change in the propagation mechanism) or a reduced error ..

In: Applied Economics 37 (2005), 21, S. 2445-2457 | Ulrich Fritsche, Vladimir Kuzin
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