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Growing Like Germany: Local Public Debt, Local Banks, Low Private Investment

Germany’s persistent current account surplus reflects to a large extent low domestic private investment. We argue that two factors—the local fragmentation of Germany’s banking system and the role of local banks in local public finance—can help explain why investment is so low. Local public banks dominate lending to small and medium firms in many regions of Germany. At the...

26.06.2019| Mathias Hoffmann, University of Zurich


03.07.2019| Cédric Tille

Distance(s) and the volatility of international trade(s)

Abstract: Does distance matter for the volatility of international real and financial transactions? We show that it does, in addition to its well-established relevance for the level of trade. A simple model of trade with endogenous markups shows that demand shocks have a larger impact on trade between more distant countries. We test this implication in two steps, relying on a broad range of real...

03.07.2019| Cedric Tille, Graduate Institute Geneva


10.07.2019| Dirk Baur, The University of Western Australia

Inflation Expectations and the Recovery from the Great Depression in Germany

A regime shift towards increased in inflation expectations is credited with jumpstarting the recovery from the Great Depression in the United States. Germany experienced a recovery as fast and strong in the 1930s. What role did inflation expectations play at the start of this remarkable economic upturn? To answer this question, we study inflation expectations in Germany across two different methods: ...

Berlin: HU Berlin, 2018, 45 S.
(Working Papers of the Priority Programme 1859 "Experience and Expectation: Historical Foundations of Economic Behaviour" ; 6)
| Volker Daniel, Lucas ter Steege
Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

Trade Flows and Fiscal Multipliers

10.12.2019| Nora Traum, HEC Montréal
Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

Resurrecting the New-Keynesian Model: (Un)conventional Policy and the Taylor rule

07.01.2020| Olaf Posch, Universität Hamburg
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Handlungsspielraum der EZB: von Zinspolitik bis Helikoptergeld - über welches Repertoire an Handlungsmöglichkeiten verfügt die EZB?

In: Der Standard (22.10.2019), [Online-Artikel] | Jan Philipp Fritsche, Lea Steininger

Call for Papers: Determinants of Non-cash payments and alternative money

Call for Papers: Determinants of Non-cash payments and alternative money Conference in Bremen, June, 16 th , 2020 and Quarterly Journal of Economic Research (DIW Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung) Description Advances in payment technologies have considerably extended the way how we pay for transactions. While the majority of financial transactions has been even traditionally done ...

05.03.2020| Dorothea Schäfer
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