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Interactions between bank-specific risk and macroeconomic performance

Abgeschlossenes Projekt| Makroökonomie

Interactions between bank-specific risk and macroeconomic performance

Abgeschlossenes Projekt| Makroökonomie
Diskussionspapiere 1422 / 2014

Institutional Determinants of Financial Development in MENA Countries

Developed and well regulated financial markets are usually seen as a precondition for an efficient allocation of resources and can foster long term economic growth. This paper explores the institutional determinants for financial development in the countries of the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. Institutional conditions are from the International Country Risk Guide. Paneleconometric techniques ...

2014| Mondher Cherif, Christian Dreger
Diskussionspapiere 1362 / 2014

International Capital Markets Structure, Preferences and Puzzles: The US-China Case

A canonical two country-two good model with standard preferences does not address three classic international macroeconomic puzzles as well as two well-known asset pricing puzzles. Specifically, under financial autarky, it does not account for the high real exchange rate (RER) volatility relative to consumption volatility (RER volatility puzzle), the negative RER-consumption differentials correlation ...

2014| Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Michael Donadelli, Alessia Varani

The "Celtic Crisis": Guarantees, Tranparency and Systemic Liquidity Risk

Bank liability guarantee schemes have traditionally been viewed as costless measures to shore up investor confidence and prevent bank runs. However, as the experiences of some European countries, most notably Ireland, have demonstrated, the credibility and effectiveness of these guarantees are crucially intertwined with the sovereign's funding risks. Employing methods from the literature on global ...

Ottawa: Bank of Canada, 2013, III, 42 S.
(Working Paper / Bank of Canada ; 31)
| Philipp König, Kartik Anand, Frank Heinemann
DIW Wochenbericht 18 / 2013

Implizite Staatsgarantien verschärfen die Probleme - Trennbankensystem allein ist keine Lösung

Viele Banken sind aufgrund ihrer Größe, Vernetzung und Komplexität nicht mehr abwickelbar. Geraten sie in Schieflage, stellen sie eine enorme Bedrohung für das gesamte Finanzsystem ihres Wirtschaftsraumes dar. Fünf Jahre Finanzkrise haben das Problem nicht gemildert, sondern verschärft. Die Kosten für die Stützung der Banken sind immens und stellen die betroffenen Staaten vor große Herausforderungen. ...

2013| Benjamin Klaus, Dorothea Schäfer
Diskussionspapiere 1349 / 2013

What Influences Banks' Choice of Risk Management Tools? Theory and Evidence

This paper investigates the factors influencing banks' decision to engage in advanced risk management, from both a theoretical and an empirical perspective. In recent decades, credit risk management in banks has become highly sophisticated and banks have become more active and advanced in the management of credit risks. We identify two driving factors for risk management: bank competition and sector ...

2013| Dilek Bülbül, Hendrik Hakenes, Claudia Lambert
DIW Economic Bulletin 6 / 2013

Implicit State Guarantees Exacerbate Problem: Separated Banking System Alone Not a Solution

Many banks are now too big, complex, and closely interconnected to be liquidated. When they run into difficulties, they threaten the entire financial system of their economic area. Five years of financial crisis have not alleviated but exacerbated this problem. The cost of stabilizing banks is enormous, posing serious challenges to the states affected. In addition, such state guarantees create dangerously ...

2013| Benjamin Klaus, Dorothea Schäfer
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