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Finance and Development 2020 (cancelled)

Financial systems have developed rapidly in many developing countries. These changes increase the need for research into their effects. To this end DIW Berlin will host a workshop in the field of “Finance and Development” to be held in Berlin on April 23 in the afternoon and full day April 24, 2020. Attendance by invitation!

23.04.2020| Emily L. Breza, Harvard University

Neue Untersuchungen zur Wirkung von Devisenmarktinterventionen

Die Forschung zu Devisenmarktinterventionen hat in den letzten Jahren neue Aufmerksamkeit erfahren. Am deutlichsten drückt sich dies in zahlreichen aktuellen Arbeiten des Internationalen Währungsfonds (IWF) aus, die Devisenmarktinterventionen in ein positives Licht rücken.Während das Interesse wieder größer geworden ist, sind die verfügbaren Daten unzureichend....

Aktuelles Projekt| Weltwirtschaft

New examinations about the impact of foreign exchange interventions

Research about foreign exchange interventions has received renewed attention during the last years. This becomes most visible in various recent studies by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which assess foreign exchange interventions quite favorably.While the interest in the subject has increased, available data are still insufficient. Empirical studies in this field are basically a collection...

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Tax Evasion in New Disguise? Examining Tax Havens' International Bank Deposits

Recent efforts to reduce international tax evasion focus on information exchange with tax havens. Using bilateral bank data for 1397 countrypairs in a balanced quarterly panel from 2003:I to 2017:IV, we first show that information-on-request treaties with tax havens reduce bank deposits in tax havens by 27.5%. Second, also deposits from tax havens in high tax countries decline after such treaties are ...

In: Journal of Public Economics 176 (2019), S. 53-78 | Lukas Menkhoff, Jakob Miethe

Examining individualized feedback on financial behavior of small entrepreneurs in Uganda

Small entrepreneurs in developing countries have considerable shortcomings in their financial behavior which hinder their advancement. Thus interventions have been conducted in order to improve financial education and, in the end, financial behavior. The average effect of such interventions is small. However, there are underresearched starting points for improving effectiveness, such as the...

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Finanzielle Bildung: Maßnahmen, Erfahrungen, Evaluierung und Ausblick

Abgeschlossenes Projekt| Weltwirtschaft

Financial Education: Measures, Experiences, Evaluation and Outlook

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DIW Weekly Report 21/22 / 2020

Mobile Money is Driving Financial Development in Africa

Mobile money is an innovation that allows financial transactions to be performed via a cell phone. Even in poor regions of Africa, almost everyone has a cell phone; therefore, mobile money could both contribute to the continent’s economic growth and ensure that no Africans are excluded from access to financial services. However, DIW Berlin data from Uganda show that mobile money is actually used less ...

2020| Katharina Lehmann-Uschner, Lukas Menkhoff
Diskussionspapiere 1884 / 2020

Repayment under Flexible Loan Contracts: Evidence from Tanzania

We study repayment and delinquency in an innovative loan contract that offers borrowers a wide range of flexibility. Using a large administrative dataset, we perform unsupervised pattern analysis to study how borrowers repay within the framework of this loan. We identify eight clusters that can be grouped into three distinct repayment types. We show that borrowers with fluctuating incomes and limited ...

2020| Antonia Grohmann, Steffen Herbold, Friederike Lenel
Diskussionspapiere 1895 / 2020

The Effectiveness of FX Interventions: A Meta-Analysis

There is ample empirical literature centering on the effectiveness of foreign exchange intervention (FXI). Given the mix of objectives and country-heterogeneity, the general lack of consensus thus far is no surprise. We shed light on this debate by conducting the first comprehensive meta-analysis in the FXI literature, with 279 reported effects that stem from 74 distinct empirical studies. We cover ...

2020| Lucía Arango-Lozano, Lukas Menkhoff, Daniela Rodríguez-Novoa, Mauricio Villamizar-Villegas
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