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Diskussionspapiere 467 / 2005

EUROMOD and the Development of EU Social Policy

The purpose of this paper is to set EUROMOD - the EU-wide tax and benefit model - in the context of the development of EU social policy. It explores the relation between the rapidly evolving EU social inclusion process and investment in European social science infrastructure. In so doing, I look mainly to the future, but I would like to begin in Sections 1 and 2 with the historical background. It is ...

2005| Anthony Barnes Atkinson
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Zur Industriepolitik in Europa

In: Frank von Auer, Michael Geuenich (Hrsg.) , Industriepolitik für Europa - Sozialpartner im Dialog
Mössingen : Talheimer
S. 86-116
Reihe Europäische Gespräche ; 5
| Georg Erber, Harald Hagemann, Stephan Seiter
DIW Berlin - Politikberatung kompakt 20 / 2006

Local Loop Unbundling and Bitstream Access: Regulatory Practice in Europe and the U.S.

2006| Pio Baake, Brigitte Preißl (Eds.). Johannes M. Bauer, Per Björstedt, Elena Gallo, Anders Henten, Sven Lindmark, Martijn Poel, Enzo Pontarollo, Knud Erik Skouby, Jason Whalley
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Efficient Regulation of Dynamic Telecommunications Markets and the New Regulatory Framework in Europe

In: Justus Haucap, Ralf Dewenter (Eds.) , Access Pricing
Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier
S. 373-420
| Pio Baake, Ulrich Kamecke, Christian Wey
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The Effect of Globalization on Aggregate Labour Demand in EU Countries

In: Dennis J. Snower, Rainer Winkelmann, Klaus F. Zimmermann (Eds) , The Effects of Globalization on National Labor Markets
Berlin : Duncker & Humblot
S. 35-46
Applied Economics Quarterly Supplement ; 57
| Christian Dreger, Stefan Kooths
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Evaluating the Move to a Linear Tax System in Germany and Other European Countries

In: Review of Economics of the Household 4 (2006), 2, S. 159-180 | Denis Beninger, Olivier Bargain, Miriam Beblo, Richard Blundell, Raquel Carrasco, Maria-Concetta Chiuri, Francois Laisney, Valérie Lechene, Ernesto Longobardi, Nicolas Moreau, Michal Myck, Javier Ruiz-Castillo, Frederic Vermeulen
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The Effect of Globalization on Aggregate Labour Demand in EU Countries

In: Berichte 16 (2006), 171, S. 14-22 | Christian Dreger, Stefan Kooths
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The Diverse Structures of Passenger Car Taxation in Europe and the EU Commissions Proposal for Reform

In this study we first analyze duties on passenger cars in 27 European countries. Taxes and fees related to the registration, ownership and use of cars are assessed differently across Europe, and their rates vary significantly. We find that the annual taxes levied on specific types of cars differ across countries by a factor of up to four, while the variouskinds of duties levied account for extremely ...

In: Transport Policy 14 (2007), 4, S. 306-316 | Uwe Kunert, Hartmut Kuhfeld
Diskussionspapiere 352 / 2003

Smoothed Income Poverty in European Countries

The purpose of this paper is to obtain by combining two longitudinal perspectives a more detailed national picture of poverty in the Member States of the European Union, using the _rst four waves (1994 - 1997) of the European Community Household Panel (ECHP). In addition to this detailed consideration of the time dimension, poverty incidence, poverty gap and poverty intensity are measured. Overall, ...

2003| Birgit Kuchler, Jan Goebel

ExternE National Implementation Germany: Final Report

Brussels: European Commission, 1997, 8, 100, 73 S. | Wolfram Krewitt, Petra Mayerhofer, Rainer Friedrich, Alfred Trukenmüller, Thomas Heck, Alexander Greßmann,Fotis Raptis, Frank Kaspar, Jürgen Sachau, Klaus Rennings, Jochen Diekmann, Barbara Praetorius
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