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  • SOEPpapers 572 / 2013

    Robust Estimation of Wage Dispersion with Censored Data: An Application to Occupational Earnings Risk and Risk Attitudes

    We present a semiparametric method to estimate group-level dispersion, which is particularly effective in the presence of censored data. We apply this procedure to obtain measures of occupation-specific wage dispersion using top-coded administrative wage data from the German IAB Employment Sample (IABS). We then relate these robust measures of earnings risk to the risk attitudes of individuals working ...

    2013| Daniel Pollmann, Thomas Dohmen, Franz Palm
  • SOEPpapers 694 / 2014

    Intergenerational Transmission of Unemployment: Evidence for German Sons

    This paper studies the association between the unemployment experience of fathers and their sons. Based on German survey data that cover the last decades we find significant positive correlations. Using instrumental variables estimation and the Gottschalk (1996) method we investigate to what extent fathers' unemployment is causal for offsprings' employment outcomes. In agreement with most of the small ...

    2014| Miriam Mäder, Steffen Müller, Regina T. Riphahn, Caroline Schwientek
  • SOEPpapers 624 / 2013

    Shifting Taxes from Labor to Consumption: Efficient, but Regressive?

    Shifting taxes from labor income to consumption is regularly suggested as a measure to induce work incentives. We investigate the effect of increases in the Value Added Tax on labor supply and the income distribution in Germany, which is compensated by a revenue-neutral reduction in income-related taxes. Based on a dual data base and a microsimulation model of labor supply behavior, we confirm a general ...

    2013| Nico Pestel, Eric Sommer
  • SOEPpapers 619 / 2013

    Spitzeneinkommen zwischen ökonomischem und normativem Marktversagen: marktorientierte und soziale Legitimation von Topmanager-Gehältern

    Die Ungleichheit der Einkommensverteilung hat nicht zuletzt deshalb stark zugenommen, weil die Bezieher von Spitzeneinkommen überproportional hohe Einkommenszuwächse erzielten. Vor allem der mittlerweile immense Abstand der Gehälter von Topmanagern zu den von Normalverdienern wird in Öffentlichkeit und Wissenschaft intensiv diskutiert. Der vorliegende Beitrag stellt die Topmanager-Vergütungen in den ...

    2013| Hagen Krämer
  • SOEPpapers 609 / 2013

    Long-Term Participation Tax Rates

    Generous income support programs as provided by European welfare states have often been blamed to reduce work incentives for the lowskilled and to increase durations of unemployment. Standard studies measure work incentives based on annual income concepts. This paper analyzes work incentives inherent in the German tax-benefit system when extending the time horizon to three years (long-term). Participation ...

    2013| Charlotte Bartels
  • Weitere externe Aufsätze

    Geschlechtsspezifische Wirkungen der Einkommensbesteuerung am Beispiel des Ehegattensplitting

    In: Ulrike Spangenberg, Maria Wersig (Hrsg.) , Geschlechtergerechtigkeit steuern
    Berlin : edition sigma
    S. 83-94
    HWR Berlin Forschung ; 54/55
    | Johannes Geyer, Katharina Wrohlich
  • SOEPpapers 604 / 2013

    Endogeneity in the Relation between Poverty, Wealth and Life Satisfaction

    This publication concentrates on the complex interplay between poverty, wealth and life satisfaction. Main areas of life are quantified in a multidimensional approach of poverty and wealth: Individual income, current health, occupational autonomy or employment status and also the mentioned life satisfaction. Data used in this publication were made available by the German Socio Economic Panel Study ...

    2013| André Hajek
  • SOEPpapers 529 / 2012

    The Role of Family Risk Attitudes in Education and Intergenerational Mobility: An Empirical Analysis

    This paper analyses the role of family risk attitudes in intergenerational mobility in incomes and education. Based on 1984-2009 data of sons and fathers from the German Socio-Economic Panel Survey, there is evidence suggesting that sons with risk taking fathers have a significantly higher educational mobility and persistently higher income mobility than peers with risk averse fathers. They obtain ...

    2012| Mathias Huebener
  • SOEPpapers 226 / 2009

    Marital Risk, Family Insurance, and Public Policy

    The present paper aims to quantify the growth and welfare consequences of changing family structures in western societies. For this reason we develop a dynamic general equilibrium model with both genders which takes into account changes of the marital status as a stochastic process. Individuals respond to these shocks by adjusting savings and labor supply. Our quantitative results indicate that the ...

    2009| Hans Fehr, Manuel Kallweit, Fabian Kindermann
  • SOEPpapers 193 / 2009

    Goodbye Germany - und dann? Erste Ergebnisse einer Pilotstudie zur Befragung von Auswanderern aus Deutschland

    In contrast to the vast body of data on immigration to Germany, there is almost no scientifically valid data available on emigration flows from Germany and the factors motivating people to emigrate. In particular, there is an almost total lack of data on the living conditions of emigrants after their arrival in their new home countries. It is thus unsurpising that the German emigration research is ...

    2009| Marcel Erlinghagen, Tim Stegmann
2469 Ergebnisse, ab 2401