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Credit Rating Agency Downgrades and the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crises

This paper studies the reaction of the Euro's value against major currencies to sovereign rating announcements from Moody's, S&P and Fitch CRAs during the Eurozone debt crisis in 2010–2012 based on event study methodology combined with GARCH models

In: Journal of Financial Stability 24 (2016), S. 117-131 | Christopher F. Baum, Dorothea Schäfer, Andreas Stephan
Diskussionspapiere 1623 / 2016

The Signaling Role of Fiscal Austerity

I build a model where creditworthy countries may use fiscal austerity to communicate their ability to repay sovereign debt and show that the signaling channel is active only for high levels of asymmetric information. The model generates a negative ..

2016| Anna Gibert
Diskussionspapiere 1232 / 2012

Re-examining the Decline in the US Saving Rate: The Impact of Mortgage Equity Withdrawal

In this paper we examine the role of mortgage equity withdrawal in explaining the decline of the US saving rate, since when house prices rise and mortgage rates are low, homeowners have an incentive to withdraw housing equity and this may affect the

2012| Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Mauro Costantini, Antonio Paradiso
Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 2 / 2012

Quo vadis? Offenlegungen und Klarstellungen im Streit um das Riester-Sparen: Editorial

2012| Kornelia Hagen, Dorothea Schäfer
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Individual Risk Attitudes and the Composition of Financial Portfolios: Evidence from German Household Portfolios

This paper explores the relationship between the self-declared risk aversion of private investors and their propensity to hold incomplete portfolios of financial assets. The analysis is based on household survey data from the German Socioeconomic ...

In: The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 52 (2012), 1, S. 1-14 | Nataliya Barasinska, Dorothea Schäfer, Andreas Stephan
Diskussionspapiere 1324 / 2013

Stock Investments for Old-Age: Less Return, More Risk, and Unexpected Timing

Returns merely based on one purchasing price of an asset are uninformative for people regularly contributing to their old-age provision. Here, each purchase has an influence on the outcome. Still, they are commonly used in finance literature, giving

2013| Dirk Ulbricht
DIW Wochenbericht 6 / 2013

Immer mehr Menschen im Rentenalter sind berufstätig

Zwischen 2001 und 2011 hat sich die Zahl der Erwerbstätigen im Rentenalter in Deutschland auf rund 760 000 verdoppelt. In keiner anderen Altersgruppe ist die Zuwachsrate der Erwerbstätigen in dieser Zeit so deutlich gestiegen wie bei den Über-65-

2013| Karl Brenke
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La réforme Hartz IV dans une perspective de politique du travail

In: Solène Hazouard, René Lasserre, Henrik Uterwedde (Eds.) , L'aide au retour à l'emploi
S. 119-139
| Karl Brenke
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