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DIW Weekly Report 3 / 2019

Increasing Number of Women on Supervisory Boards of Major Companies in Germany: Executive Boards Still Dominated by Men

The gender quota for supervisory boards is continuing to show its impact: the proportion of women on the supervisory boards of the 200 highest-performing companies in Germany increased by over two percentage points to 27 percent the past year. In the 100 largest companies, it increased by over three percentage points to 28 percent. However, there are now indications that the companies are only doing ...

2019| Elke Holst, Katharina Wrohlich
Diskussionspapiere 1794 / 2019

Occupational Characteristics and the Gender Pay Gap

Germany has a large persistent Gender Pay Gap of 21 %; although this gap is not constant across occupations. The question arises why some occupations have large Gender Pay Gaps while others have only small gaps. Using data from the Structural Earnings Study merged with occupational task information provided by the Federal Labor Office, this paper aims to uncover the relationship between occupational ...

2019| Aline Zucco
DIW Wochenbericht 4 / 2020

Langsam wandeln sich die Führungsetagen deutscher Großunternehmen: Editorial

2020| Anja Kirsch, Katharina Wrohlich
Diskussionspapiere 1847 / 2020

Parental Leave Reform and Long-Run Earnings of Mothers

Paid parental leave schemes have been shown to increase women's employment rates but decrease their wages in case of extended leave durations. In view of these potential trade-offs, many countries are discussing the optimal design of parental leave policies. We analyze the impact of a major parental leave reform on mothers' long-term earnings. The 2007 German parental leave reform replaced a means-tested ...

2020| Corinna Frodermann, Katharina Wrohlich, Aline Zucco
DIW Wochenbericht 3 / 2019

Frauen in Spitzengremien von Banken und Versicherungen: Dynamik kommt nun auch in Aufsichtsräten zum Erliegen

Der Frauenanteil in den Vorständen der 100 größten Banken in Deutschland stagnierte 2018 bei knapp neun Prozent. In den 60 größten Versicherungen nahm er um gut einen Prozentpunkt auf fast zehn Prozent zu. Während sich damit in den Vorständen die schon in den vergangenen Jahren schwache Dynamik fortgesetzt hat, fällt sie nun auch in den Aufsichtsräten des Finanzsektors verhalten aus. Der Frauenanteil ...

2019| Elke Holst, Katharina Wrohlich
DIW Weekly Report 3 / 2019

Women on High-Level Boards of Banks and Insurance Companies: Growth Coming to a Standstill on Supervisory Boards

The proportion of women on executive boards of the 100 largest banks stagnated at almost nine percent in 2018. In the 60 largest insurance companies, the proportion increased by a good percentage point to almost ten percent. While growth on executive boards has been weakening in past years, it is now slowing down on supervisory boards in the financial sector as well. In 2018, the proportion of women ...

2019| Elke Holst, Katharina Wrohlich
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