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Brown Bag Seminar Cluster Industrial Economics

Choosing between Explicit Cartel Formation and Tacit Collusion – An Experiment

Abstract: Antitrust authorities try to detect and sanction existing cartels and hinder the formation of new ones. Firms nevertheless try to collude while avoiding sanctions, for example by colluding tacitly instead of explicitly forming a cartel. In ...

08.11.2019| Maximilian Andres, University of Potsdam
Brown Bag Seminar Cluster Industrial Economics

Consumer Rating Dynamics

(joint with André Stenzel and Peter Schmidt) We consider dynamic price-setting in the presence of rating systems and asymmetric information about product quality. We provide a framework in which the price charged determines the ...

28.06.2019| Christoph Wolf
DIW Applied Micro Seminar

Local News, UGC and Professionals: Evidence from Citizen Journalism

Abstract:  User generated content is increasingly substituting content created by professionals. Local news that is generated by citizen journalists could be a promising way of supporting the struggling newspaper industry by reducing costs for ...

26.03.2020| Jörg Claussen, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
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In: Der Tagesspiegel (05.03.2019), [Online-Artikel] | Karl Brenke

German Public Utilities: Organisation and Productivity

Since 1998, public firms have had to adapt to a market environment that is verydifferent from the post-war era in Europe. The liberalisation of services of generaleconomic interest across Europe led to competition between public and privateproviders,

Berlin: TU Berlin, 2018, XIV, 176 S. | Caroline Stiel

European banking landscape between diversity, competition and concentration

Workshop organization: Hans-Helmut Kotz (SAFE, Harvard) and Dorothea Schäfer (DIW Berlin) in cooperation with Horst Gischer, head of Forschungszentrums für Sparkassenentwicklung e.V. at the University of Magdeburg. The workshop is ...

25.06.2019| Rym Ayadi, R.H. Schmidt u.a.
DIW Wochenbericht 11 / 2019

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2019| Karl Brenke

Examining individualized feedback on financial behavior of small entrepreneurs in Uganda

Small entrepreneurs in developing countries have considerable shortcomings in their financial behavior which hinder their advancement. Thus interventions have been conducted in order to improve financial education and, in the end, financial behavior. ...

Aktuelles Projekt| Weltwirtschaft
DIW Wochenbericht 4 / 2020

Langsam wandeln sich die Führungsetagen deutscher Großunternehmen: Editorial

2020| Anja Kirsch, Katharina Wrohlich
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