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The Impact of E-Business on Market Structure: The Case of the Automotive Industry

In: E-Commerce 2004
S. 3-10
| Daniel Nepelski
Diskussionspapiere 414 / 2004

The Amenity Value of Climate to German Households

This study uses the hedonic approach to measure the amenity value of climate in Germany. Unlike in earlier research separate hedonic wage and house price regressions are estimated for relatively small geographic areas and formal tests undertaken to .

2004| Katrin Rehdanz, David Maddison
DIW Wochenbericht 35 / 2007

Finanzmarktentwicklung, Immobilienpreise und Konsum

Im Euroraum und vor allem in Deutschland hat sich die Konjunktur seit dem Boom der "New Economy" lange Zeit nur verhalten entwickelt. Ein wesentlicher Grund dafür war die schwache Dynamik der Binnennachfrage, insbesondere der Konsumausgaben der ...

2007| Christian Dreger, Jiri Slacalek
DIW Wochenbericht 4 / 1929

Die Märkte

DIW Wochenbericht 3 / 1929

Die Märkte

DIW Wochenbericht 2 / 1929

Die Märkte

DIW Wochenbericht 21 / 1936

Der Weltmarkt für Nadelschnittholz

DIW Wochenbericht 1 / 1929

Die Märkte

Diskussionspapiere 1045 / 2010

Joint Customer Data Acquisition and Sharing among Rivals

It is increasingly observable that in different industries competitors jointly acquire and share customer data. We propose a modified Hotelling model with two-dimensional consumer heterogeneity to analyze the incentives for such agreements and their

2010| Nicola Jentzsch, Geza Sapi, Irina Suleymanova
Diskussionspapiere 809 / 2008

Green, Brown, and Now White Certificates: Are Three One Too Many? A Micromodel of Market Interaction

Our paper deals with modeling the effects of introducing a market-based tool for improving end-users' efficiency in an energy market which is already regulated through a cap-and-trade system for green house gas emissions and a quota system meant to .

2008| Georg Meran, Nadine Wittmann
567 Ergebnisse, ab 551