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Künstliche Intelligenz verhindert Diskriminierung? Muss nicht – kann aber! Kommentar von Gert G. Wagner

Algorithmen in Form mathematisch-statistischer Verfahren diskriminieren nicht, heißt es oft. Das stimmt aber nicht. Algorithmen sind weder per se neutral, noch ist es unmöglich, dass sogenannte selbstlernende Systeme diskriminieren, ganz .

15.05.2019| Gert G. Wagner

The Effect of Big Data on Recommendation Quality: The Example of Internet Search

Are there economies of scale to data in internet search? This paper is first to use real search engine query logs to empirically investigate how data drives the quality of internet search results. We find evidence that the quality of search results .

Düsseldorf: Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics, 2018, 44 S.
(DICE Discussion Paper ; 284)
| Maximilian Schaefer, Geza Sapi, Szabolcs Lorincz
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Internet and Politics: Evidence from UK Local Elections and Local Government Policies

We empirically study the effects of broadband internet diffusion on local election outcomes and on local government policies using rich data from the U.K. Our analysis shows that the internet has displaced other media with greater news content (i.e.

In: Review of Economic Studies (2019), im Ersch. [online first: 2018-06-09] | Alessandro Gavazza, Mattia Nardotto, Tommaso Valletti

Genome-Wide Association Analyses of Risk Tolerance and Risky Behaviors in Over One Million Individuals Identify Hundreds of Loci and Shared Genetic Influences

Chicago: University of Chicago, 2018, 22 S.
(HCEO Working Paper Series ; 87)
| Richard Karlsson Linnér, Gert G. Wagner ...
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Selbstbestimmung als „default setting“: Kommentar

2019| Jürgen Schupp
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YouTube, Google, Facebook: 21st Century Online Video Research and Research Ethics

Since the early 2000s, the proliferation of cameras in devices such as mobile phones, closed-circuit television (CCTV), or body cameras has led to a sharp increase in video recordings of human interaction and behavior. Through websites that employ ..

In: Forum: Qualitative Sozialforschung 19 (2018), 3, Art. 32, 11 S. | Nicolas Legewie, Anne Nassauer
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Algorihmen müssen transparent gemacht werden

In: Fuldaer Zeitung (30.06.2018), S. 4 | Gert G. Wagner
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Evaluation of Research Careers Fully Acknowledging Open Science Practices

In: Open Working (11.05.2018), [Online-Artikel] | Charlotte Buus Jensen, Valentino Cavalli, Maria Cruz, Raman Ganguly, Madeleine Huber, Mojca Kotar, Iryna Kuchma, Peter Löwe, Inge Rutsaert, Melanie Stummvoll, Gintare Tautkeviciene, Marta Teperek, Hannelore Vanhaverbeke
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Analyzing 21st Century Video Data on Situational Dynamics: Issues and Challenges in Video Data Analysis

Since the turn of the millennium researchers have access to an ever-increasing pool of novel types of video recordings. People use camcorders, mobile phone cameras, and even drones to film and photograph social life, and many public spaces are under

In: Social Sciences 8 (2019), 3, 100 | Anne Nassauer, Nicolas M. Legewie
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