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Analyzing 21st Century Video Data on Situational Dynamics: Issues and Challenges in Video Data Analysis

Since the turn of the millennium researchers have access to an ever-increasing pool of novel types of video recordings. People use camcorders, mobile phone cameras, and even drones to film and photograph social life, and many public spaces are under

In: Social Sciences 8 (2019), 3, 100 | Anne Nassauer, Nicolas M. Legewie

Standards des sicheren Datenzugangs in den Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Überblick über verschiedene Remote-Access-Verfahren

Die Forschung in den Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften ist immer öfter auf einen abgesicherten Zugang zu Forschungsdaten angewiesen, da ansonsten die Anforderungen des Datenschutzes nicht erfüllt werden können. Remote-Access-Lösungen bieten h

Berlin: RatSWD, 2017, 34 S.
(RatSWD Working Paper Series ; 261)
| David H. Schiller, Johanna Eberle, Daniel Fuß, Jan Goebel, Jörg Heining, Tatjana Mika, Dana Müller, Frank Röder, Michael Stegmann, Karsten Stephan
Berlin Applied Micro Seminar (BAMS)

How Effective Is Black-box Digital Consumer Profiling and Audience Delivery?: Evidence from Field Studies

BAMS is a joint seminar by the DIW Berlin, the Hertie School of Governance, the HU Berlin and the WZB.

04.02.2019| Catherine E. Tucker (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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OSGeo Events at EGU General Assemblies: Making Open Science a Reality

This submission reports on the continuing efforts by OSGeo activists within the annual General Assembly gatherings of the European Geoscience Union (EGU). Starting as improvided splinter events, the format soon emerged both into dedicated topical ...

In: PeerJ Preprints ; 6 (2018), 6, e27220v1, 3 S. | Peter Löwe
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Open Power System Data – Frictionless Data for Electricity System Modelling

The quality of electricity system modelling heavily depends on the input data used. Although a lot of data is publicly available, it is often dispersed, tedious to process and partly contains errors. We argue that a central provision of input data ..

In: Applied Energy 236 (2019), S. 401-409 | Frauke Wiese, Ingmar Schlecht, Wolf-Dieter Bunke, Clemens Gerbaulet, Lion Hirth, Martin Jahn, Friedrich Kunz, Casimir Lorenz, Jonathan Mühlenpfordt, Juliane Reimann, Wolf-Peter Schill
Seminar Series on Research in Development Economics

Social media and protests in China

21.02.2019| David Strömberg, Stockholm University
SOEPpapers 970 / 2018

Media Coverage and Immigration Worries: Econometric Evidence

This paper empirically explores the link between mass media coverage of migration and immigration worries. Using detailed data on media coverage in Germany, we show that the amount of media reports regarding migration issues is positively associated

2018| Christine Benesch, Simon Loretz, David Stadelmann, Tobias Thomas
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Video Data Analysis: A Methodological Frame for a Novel Research Trend

Since the early 2000s, the proliferation of cameras, whether in mobile phones or CCTV, led to a sharp increase in visual recordings of human behavior. This vast pool of data enables new approaches to analyzing situational dynamics. Application is ...

In: Sociological Methods & Research (2019), im Ersch. [online first: 2018-05-17] | Anne Nassauer, Nicolas Legewie
DIW Wochenbericht 25 / 2018

Deutschland muss seine Digitalstrategie überdenken, um den Anschluss nicht zu verlieren: Editorial

2018| Tomaso Duso, Pio Baake, Yann Girard, Anselm Mattes, Claus Michelsen, Mattia Nardotto, Jo Seldeslachts, Slobodan Sudaric
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