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Atomenergie ist gefährlich und marktwirtschaftlich nicht wettbewerbsfähig

Untersuchung der Rentabilität von Atomkraftwerken mittels eines betriebswirtschaftlichen Investitionsmodells –Atomenergie ist marktwirtschaftlich nicht wettbewerbsfähig - Atomkraft ist zudem nicht sicher, Narrativ der „sauberen

Diskussionspapiere 1813 / 2019

Do Energy Efficiency Networks Save Energy? Evidence from German Plant-Level Data

In energy efficiency networks, groups of firms exchange experiences on energy conservation in regular meetings over several years. The companies implement energy efficiency measures in order to reach commonly agreed energy savings and CO2 reduction .

2019| Jan Stede
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Simulating the Potential of Swarm Grids for Pre-Electrified Communities: a Case Study from Yemen

Swarm grids are an emerging approach to electrification in the Global South that interconnects individual household generation and storage to a small electricity network to make full use of existing generation capacities. Using a simulation tool for

In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 108 (2019), S. 289-302 | Martha M. Hoffmann, Dawud Ansaria
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Die Energiewende ist ein Friedensprojekt! - was die Energiewende jenseits einer nachhaltigen Stromversorgung leisten kann

In: Portal der Politikwissenschaft (30.04.2019), [Online-Artikel] | Claudia Kemfert, Jörg Radtke
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CFD für günstige erneuerbare Energien

In: energate messenger (23.05.2018), [Online-Artikel] | Karsten Neuhoff, Nils May, Jörn Richstein

Scenarios of the Global Fossil Fuel Markets

Wien: TU Wien, 2018, 72 S.
(Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Information;Case Study Report)
| Dawud Ansari, Franziska Holz, Nathan Appleman
Diskussionspapiere 1766 / 2018

Modeling Coordination between Renewables and Grid: Policies to Mitigate Distribution Grid Constraints Using Residential PV-Battery Systems

Distributed photo-voltaic (PV) generation is one of the pillars of energy transitions around the world, but its deployment in the distribution grid requires costly reinforcements and expansions. Prosumage - consisting of a household-level PV unit ...

2018| Paul Neetzow, Roman Mendelevitch, Sauleh Siddiqui
DIW Wochenbericht 21 / 2018

Das beste Mittel gegen "Energiekriege" ist die Energiewende: Kommentar

2018| Claudia Kemfert
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Generation Expansion Planning under Uncertainty: An Application of Stochastic Methods to the German Electricity System

Renewable energies are expected to be the main electricity generation source. However, the variability of renewable energy supply poses challenges to the generation expansion modelling as uncertainty of hourly generation need to be adequately taken .

In: 14th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM)
7 S.
| Mario Kendziorski, Mona Setje-Eilers, Friedrich Kunz
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Power-To-Heat for Renewable Energy Integration: a Review of Technologies, Modeling Approaches, and Flexibility Potentials

A flexible coupling of power and heat sectors can contribute to both renewable energy integration and decarbonization. We present a literature review of model-based analyses in this field, focusing on residential heating. We compare geographical and

In: Applied Energy 212 (2018), S. 1611-1626 | Andreas Bloess, Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn
1886 Ergebnisse, ab 1