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2010 Ergebnisse, ab 1901
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The Globalization of Steam Coal Markets and the Role of Logistics: An Empirical Analysis

In this paper, we provide a comprehensive multivariate cointegration analysis of three parts of the steam coal value chain - export, transport and import prices. The analysis is based on a rich dataset of international coal prices; in particular, we

In: Energy Economics 34 (2012), 1, S. 105-116 | Aleksandar Zaklan, Astrid Cullmann, Anne Neumann, Christian von Hirschhausen
Diskussionspapiere 1144 / 2011

Merger Efficiency and Welfare Implications of Buyer Power

This paper analyzes the welfare implications of buyer mergers, which are mergers between downstream firms from different markets. We focus on the interaction between the merger's effects on downstream efficiency and on buyer power in a setup where ..

2011| Özlem Bedre-Defolie, Stéphane Caprice
Diskussionspapiere 1145 / 2011

Removing Cross-Border Capacity Bottlenecks in the European Natural Gas Market: A Proposed Merchant-Regulatory Mechanism

We propose a merchant-regulatory framework to promote investment in the European natural gas network infrastructure based on a price cap over two-part tariffs. As suggested by Vogelsang (2001) and Hogan et al. (2010), a profit maximizing network ...

2011| Anne Neumann, Juan Rosellón, Hannes Weigt
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Carbon Capture and Storage vs. Energy Efficiency: Incompatible Antagonists or Indispensable Allies?

In: Saving Energy - Just Do It
| Barbara Praetorius, Katja Schumacher
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Where Are the Industrial Technologies in Energy-Economy Models? An Innovative CGE Approach for Steel Production in Germany

Top-down computable general equilibrium (CGE) models are used extensively for analysis of energy and climate policies. Energy-intensive industries are usually represented in top-down economic models as abstract economic production functions, commonly

In: Energy Economics 29 (2007), 4, S. 799-825 | Katja Schumacher, Ronald D. Sands
Gutachten / 1994

Wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen einer ökologischen Steuerreform: Gutachten im Auftrag von Greenpeace

1994| Michael Kohlhaas (Projektltg.), Stefan Bach, Volker Meinhardt, Barbara Praetorius, Hans Wessels, Rudolf Zwiener
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Carbon Capture and Storage: Settling the German Coal vs. Climate Change Dispute?

In: International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 9 (2008), 2/3, S. 176-202 | Corinna Fischer, Barbara Praetorius
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20-20-20 Competitiveness and Conflicts

In: Journal of Nordregio 8 (2008), 2, S. 26-27 | Claudia Kemfert
2010 Ergebnisse, ab 1901