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Rigging Economics

Advances in horizontal drilling have significantly increased US oil and gas production, but it is not clear whether the industry is viable if oil prices continue to be low. Researchers now estimate the break-even price for oil and gas from tight ...

In: Nature Energy 4 (2019), S. 263-264 | Dawud Ansari

Energiewende forcieren statt unsinnige Pipelines bauen - Kommentar von Claudia Kemfert

US-Präsident Donald Trump wettert in diesen Tagen mal wieder gegen die geplante Pipeline Nord Stream 2, die, zusätzlich zur bereits existierenden Leitung, russisches Gas direkt nach Deutschland liefern soll. Die USA drohen dieses Mal, ...US

25.01.2019| Claudia Kemfert

Erdgasversorgung: Zweite Ostseepipeline ist überflüssig

Europäische Erdgasversorgung ist bereits gut diversifiziert und krisenfest, außerdem sinkt der Bedarf an Erdgas Die geplante Ostseepipeline Nord Stream 2 ist zur Sicherung der Erdgasversorgung nicht notwendig. Deutschland und Europa verf

Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

Gas Transit through Ukraine – Discussing Ways Forward

The transit contract between Russia and Ukraine ends 31 December 2019. The future of Ukraine’s gas transit is uncertain, because export volumes are expected to be redirected through Nord Stream 2 and Turk Stream. Yet, gas transit through ...

29.08.2018| Edward C. Chow, Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program, CSIS, Washington Followed by comments fromHolgar Kolley, Deputy Head of Division, Federal Foreign OfficeStefan Rolle, Head of Division, Federal Ministry for Economics and EnergyGeorg Zachmann, Bruegel
Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

The role of trade policy for implementing the Paris Agreement

Trade policy has been in the headline news throughout this year. At the same time, trade policy is capturing increasing attention in international climate policy debates, for example regarding the responsibilities of consumers for carbon embodied in ...

29.11.2018| Karsten Neuhoff

Coal Transition in Germany: Learning from past Transitions to Build Phase-Out Pathways

Paris: IDDRI, 2018, 40 S.
(Coal Transitions: Research and Dialogue on the Future of Coal)
| Hanna Brauers, Philipp Herpich, Christian von Hirschhausen, Ingmar Jürgens, Karsten Neuhoff, Pao-Yu Oei, Jörn Richstein
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Unnötig und teuer: der Bau von Nord Stream 2 verkennt die Zeichen der Zeit

In: Focus (02.11.2018), [Online-Artikel] | Claudia Kemfert
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Energiewende: Erst reden, dann roden

In: Wirtschaftsdienst | Claudia Kemfert

An Historical Case Study on Previous Coal Transitions in Germany: Part of the Project “Coal Transitions: Research and Dialogue on the Future of Coal” ; a Project Funded by the KR Foundation

Subsidies for German hard coal production will end in 2018, resulting in a final shutdown of domestic hard coal production. This paper looks back at the 60 years of steady decline and transition of an industry that once employed more than 700,000 ...

Paris: IDDRI, 2018, 28 S. | Philipp Herpich, Hanna Brauers, Pao-Yu Oei
Climate Friendly Materials Platform

Workshop on Policy packages for low-carbon road maps in the materials sector

The workshop gives an overview of mitigation options, possible set of policy instruments, and how they influence decisions (engage, improve economics, support innovation etc.), outline for the analytic approach and discussion of the day.

16.03.2018| Karsten Neuhoff
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