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DIW Weekly Report 8/9 / 2020

Nitrate Pollution of Groundwater Long Exceeding Trigger Value; Fertilization Practices Require More Transparency and Oversight

For many years now, nitrate concentrations have exceeded the trigger value of 50 milligrams per liter at nearly one-fifth of the groundwater sampling sites in Germany. Apart from impairing the ecosystem by, for example, causing eutrophication of water bodies, nitrate-polluted drinking water also damages human health; it is suspected to cause cancer. Econometric calculations using current data confirm ...

2020| Greta Sundermann, Nicole Wägner, Astrid Cullmann, Christian von Hirschhausen, Claudia Kemfert

Grundwasserbelastung mit Nitrat wird in fast einem Fünftel der deutschen Messstellen überschritten

Belastung in Regionen mit vorwiegend agrarwirtschaftlicher Nutzung höher als in anderen Gebieten – Grundpreise für Trinkwasser höher in Regionen mit Grenzwertüberschreitung ­– Genauere Erhebung, zentrale Erfassung und stringente Kontrolle des Düngemitteleinsatzes erforderlich Deutschlands Grundwasser weist europaweit eine der höchsten Belastungen mit Nitrat ...


Dossier CO2-Bepreisung

Die Klimaschutzdebatte konzentriert sich derzeit darauf, wie der Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen politisch und ökonomisch am effektivsten gesenkt werden kann. Immer mehr in den Fokus rückt dabei eine verstärkte Bepreisung von Kohlendioxid (CO2), vor allem im Verkehrs- und Gebäudesektor. Für die CO2-Bepreisung sind mehrere Wege denkbar: die Ausdehnung des EU...

Economic Bulletin 7 / 1994

Ecological Tax Reform even if Germany Has to Go It Alone

The need to realise sustainable economic development, which preserves the basis for human existence, is now widely recognised. Natural resources must be used more economically and the burden on the environment eased. The traditional instruments of environmental policy, in particular the use of regulatory law dominant in Germany, are inadequate for this purpose and induce economic costs which are unnecessarily ...

1994| Stefan Bach, Michael Kohlhaas, Barbara Praetorius
Diskussionspapiere 1801 / 2019

Strategic Environmental Policy and the Mobility of Firms

The loss of international competitiveness of domestic industries remains a key obstacle to the implementation of effective carbon prices in a world without harmonized climate policies. We analyze countries' non-cooperative choices of emissions taxes under imperfect competition and mobile polluting firms. In our general equilibrium setup with trade, wage effects prevent all firms from locating in the ...

2019| Philipp M. Richter, Marco Runkel, Robert C. Schmidt
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Where Does the Fair Trade Money Go? How Much Consumers Pay Extra for Fair Trade Coffee and How This Value Is Split along the Value Chain

Fair Trade certification aims at transferring wealth from the consumer to the farmer; however, coffee passes through many hands before reaching final consumers. Bringing together retail, wholesale, and stock market data, this study estimates how much more consumers are paying for Fair Trade-certified coffee in US supermarkets and finds estimates around $1.50 per lb. The study then assesses how this ...

In: World Development 133 (2020), 105006, 12 S. | Helene Naegele
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The Effects of Pricing Waste Generation: A Synthetic Control Approach

To internalize pollution externalities into household waste generation, Unit Pricing Systems (UPS) have been adopted worldwide. This paper evaluates the causal effects of a UPS on the disposal of municipal solid waste in Trento, Italy. Using a unique panel dataset of monthly waste generation in Italian municipalities, we employ the synthetic control method, which allows us to account for possible time-varying ...

In: Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 96 (2019), S. 274-285 | Matheus Bueno, Marica Valente
Diskussionspapiere 1807 / 2019

Environmental Policy and Firm Selection in the Open Economy

In this paper, we analyse the effects of a unilateral change in an emissions tax in a model of international trade with heterogeneous firms. We find a positive effect of tighter environmental policy on average productivity in the reforming country through reallocation of labour towards exporting firms. Domestic aggregate emissions fall, due to both a scale and a technique effect, but we show that the ...

2019| Udo Kreickemeier, Philipp M. Richter
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Transporting and Storing High-Level Nuclear Waste in the U.S. Insights from a Mathematical Model

The nuclear industry in the United States of America has accumulated about 70,000 metric tons of high-level nuclear waste over the past decades; at present, this waste is temporarily stored close to the nuclear power plants. The industry and the Department of Energy are now facing two related challenges: (i) will a permanent geological repository, e.g., Yucca Mountain, become available in the future, ...

In: Applied Sciences 9 (2019), 12, 2437, 23 S. | Sebastian Wegel, Victoria Czempinski, Pao-Yu Oei, Ben Wealer

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