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Diskussionspapiere 1933 / 2021

Measuring Unmeasurable: How to Map Laws to Numbers Using Leximetrics

As the institutional literature convincingly shows, socioeconomic phenomena are to a large extent shaped by the formal institutions, that is, legal acts (laws and ordinances). However, the latter are formulated in a specific language that is difficult to understand, let alone to measure. However, since the early 1990s, a whole branch of economic analysis of governmental regulations has evolved. It is ...

2021| Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Linus Pfeiffer

Integriertes Steuer- und Abgabensystem

In dieser Studie wird ein Konzept zur besseren Abstimmung von Einkommensteuer, Sozialbeiträgen und bedürftigkeitsgeprüften Sozialleistungen entwickelt. Um Geringverdiener und Mittelschichten zu entlasten, sollen die Arbeitnehmerbeiträge zur Sozialversicherung in die Einkommensteuer integriert und die Spitzensteuersätze erhöht werden. Ferner sollen Familien mit...

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Integrated tax and transfer system

In this study, we analyze a reform to better balance income taxation, social contributions and means-tested social benefits. In order to relieve low-wage earners and middle classes, the employee contributions to social security are to be integrated into the personal income tax and the top income tax rates are to be increased. In addition, families with low and middle income are to be relieved and...

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Das Glück der Wenigen

In: Die Zeit (05.02.2021), [Online-Artikel] | Marcel Fratzscher


Programmierung des Europäischen Simulationsmodells für Deutschland

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DIW Wochenbericht 12 / 2020

Zuckersteuern können zu einer gesünderen Ernährung beitragen: Kommentar

2020| Renke Schmacker
DIW aktuell

Mehrwertsteuersenkung hat deutsche Wirtschaft im Corona-Jahr 2020 gestützt

Die vorübergehende Mehrwertsteuersenkung in der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2020 hat die Wirtschaftsleistung in Deutschland um 0,5 Prozent erhöht. Das zeigen Modellsimulationen am DIW Berlin. Der Effekt auf das Bruttoinlandsprodukt hätte sogar bei rund einem Prozent liegen können – wenn die Mehrwertsteuersenkung vollständig an die VerbraucherInnen weitergegeben worden...

10.05.2021| Marius Clemens, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Simon Junker, Claus Michelsen
Diskussionspapiere 1881 / 2020

Sin Taxes and Self-Control

“Sin taxes” are high on the political agenda in the global fight against obesity. Ac- cording to theory, they are welfare improving if consumers with low self-control are at least as price responsive as consumers with high self-control, even in the absence of ex- ternalities. In this paper, we investigate if consumers with low and high self-control react differently to sin tax variation. For identification, ...

2020| Renke Schmacker, Sinne Smed
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Local Fiscal Policies and Their Impact on the Number and Spatial Distribution of New Firms

We examine the effect of local business taxation and local public good and service (PIGS) provision on the number and spatial distribution of new firms. Testing ground is Germany and we rely on the universe of firm foundations between 1998 and 2006. Methodologically, we estimate fixed effects poisson models coupled with a control function approach. The results suggest that a 1%-decrease in the business ...

In: Regional Science & Urban Economics 83 (2020), 103525, 21 S. | Nadine Riedel, Martin Simmler, Christian Wittrock

How Effective Are Bank Levies in Reducing Leverage Given the Debt Bias of Corporate Income Taxation?

To finance resolution funds, the regulatory toolkit has been expanded in many countries by bank levies. In addition, these levies are often designed to reduce incentives for banks to rely excessively on wholesale funding resulting in high leverage ratios. At the same time, corporate income taxation biases banks’ capital structure towards debt financing in light of the deductibility of interest on debt. ...

Vienna: SUERF, 2020, 6 S.
(SUERF Policy Briefs ; 21/2020)
| Franziska Bremus, Kirsten Schmidt, Lena Tonzer
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