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FuE-intensive Industrien und wissensintensive Dienstleistungen im internationalen Vergleich

Berlin: Expertenkommission Forschung und Innovation, 2018, 83S.
(Studien zum deutschen Innovationssystem ; 2018-6)
| Birgit Gehrke, Alexander Schiersch
Diskussionspapiere 1723 / 2018

Opportunity versus Necessity Entrepreneurship: Two Components of Business Creation

A common finding in the entrepreneurship literature is that business creation increases in recessions. This counter-cyclical pattern is examined by separating business creation into two components: “opportunity” and “necessity” entrepreneursh

2018| Robert W. Fairlie, Frank M. Fossen
Diskussionspapiere 1713 / 2017

Modern Public Enterprises: Organisational Innovation and Productivity

In advanced economies, state-owned enterprises play an important role in sectors of general interest such as energy and water supply. The conditions under which they operate have changed fundamentally since 1998, with new strategies required for ...

2017| Caroline Stiel
Weekly Report

The Greek private sector remains full of untapped potential

Private businesses’ nominal value added in Greece has fallen by 38 percent over the last ten years. Micro firms were hit particularly hard. Despite efforts to stabilize the macroeconomic environment, there are only weak signs of recovery. ...

18.07.2018| Alexander S. Kritikos
Brown Bag Seminar Cluster Industrial Economics

Consumer Rating Dynamics

(joint with André Stenzel and Peter Schmidt) We consider dynamic price-setting in the presence of rating systems and asymmetric information about product quality. We provide a framework in which the price charged determines the ...


Examining individualized feedback on financial behavior of small entrepreneurs in Uganda

Small entrepreneurs in developing countries have considerable shortcomings in their financial behavior which hinder their advancement. Thus interventions have been conducted in order to improve financial education and, in the end, financial behavior. ...

Aktuelles Projekt| Weltwirtschaft

European banking landscape between diversity, competition and concentration

Workshop organization: Hans-Helmut Kotz (SAFE, Harvard) and Dorothea Schäfer (DIW Berlin) in cooperation with Horst Gischer, head of Forschungszentrums für Sparkassenentwicklung e.V. at the University of Magdeburg. The workshop is ...

Diskussionspapiere 1739 / 2018

The Impact of Institutions on Bank Governance and Stability: Evidence from African Countries

This paper sheds new light on how African countries’ legal systems and institutions influence the governance and stability of their banks. We find that institutional factors, in particular the legal family of origin, political stability, contract .

2018| Samuel Mutarindwa, Dorothea Schäfer, Andreas Stephan
DIW Wochenbericht 11 / 2019

Home-Office: Nicht in der Bequemlichkeit verharren: Kommentar

2019| Karl Brenke
Tages- und Wochenzeitschriften

Nicht in Bequemlichkeit verharren!

In: Der Tagesspiegel (05.03.2019), [Online-Artikel] | Karl Brenke
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