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Prosumage of Solar Electricity: Tariff Design, Capacity Investments, and Power Sector Effects

We analyze how tariff design incentivizes households to invest in residential photovoltaic and battery storage systems, and explore selected electricity sector effects. To this end, we develop an open-source electricity sector model that explicitly features prosumage agents and apply it to German 2030 scenarios. Results show that lower feed-in tariffs substantially reduce investments in residential ...

In: Energy Policy 152 (2021), 112168, 17 S. | Claudia Günther, Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn
DIW Wochenbericht 12 / 2021

Zehn Jahre danach: Aus dem Atomausstieg muss ein Atomumstieg werden: Kommentar

2021| Christian von Hirschhausen

Nachgeforscht bei Christian von Hischhausen und Ben Wealer: 10 Jahre Fukushima – Wie steht es um die Kernkraft?

Christian von Hirschhausen und Ben Wealer sprechen über die Häufigkeit von Stör- und Unfällen und über die Unstetigkeit von Atomkraftwerken. Bei Katastrophen wie in Fukushima oder Tschernobyl hafte am Ende immer die Gesellschaft. Die Technologie sei ohne Lerneffekt geblieben und werde immer teurer.

23.02.2021| Nachgeforscht
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Wasserstoff: Grün und effizient!

In: Wirtschaftsdienst 100 (2020), 12, S. 906 | Claudia Kemfert

Techno-Economic Criteria to Evaluate Power Flow Allocation Schemes

We develop novel quantitative techno-economic evaluation criteria for power flow allocation schemes. Such schemes assign which nodes are responsible for which proportion of power flows on a line in a meshed electricity transmission network. As this allocation is, as such, indeterminate, the literature has proposed a number of dedicated schemes. To better understand the implications of applying different ...

Ithaca:, 2020, 28 S.
(arXiv ; 2005.03464)
| Fabian Hofmann, Alexander Zerrahn, Carlos Gaete-Morales

An Open Tool for Creating Battery-Electric Vehicle Time Series from Empirical Data: emobpy

There is substantial research interest in how future fleets of battery-electric vehicles will interact with the power sector. To this end, various types of energy models depend on meaningful input parameters, in particular on time series of BEV motor electricity consumption, grid availability, and grid electricity demand. As the availability of such data is highly limited, we introduce the open-source ...

Ithaca:, 2020, 17 S.
(arXiv ; 2005.02765)
| Carlos Gaete-Morales, Hendrik Kramer, Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn

DIETERpy: a Python framework for The Dispatch and Investment Evaluation Tool with Endogenous Renewables

DIETER is an open-source power sector model designed to analyze future settings with very high shares of variable renewable energy sources. It minimizes overall system costs, including fixed and variable costs of various generation, storage and sector coupling options. Here we introduce DIETERpy that builds on the existing model version, written in the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS), and ...

Ithaca:, 2020, 12 S.
(arXiv ; 2010.00883)
| Carlos Gaete-Morales, Martin Kittel, Alexander Roth, Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn
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Linear and Nonlinear Granger Causality between Electricity Production and Economic Performance in Mexico

Understanding the Granger causality directions between electricity production (EP) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is helpful for policymakers in order to design, redesign, and implement effective energy policies. Although there are plenty of studies on this issue, no consistent conclusion about said relationship exists. In this paper, we provide an updated analysis for the case of Mexico in the context ...

In: Energy Policy 142 (2020), 111476, 8 S. | Ricardo Massa, Juan Rosellón

Urteil unterstreicht, wie teuer uns die Atomenergie kommt

Das Bundesverfassungsgericht rügt das Entschädigungsgesetz für die Atomkonzerne und gibt damit einer Klage von Vattenfall Recht. DIW-Energieökonomin Claudia Kemfert kommentiert dies wie folgt:

12.11.2020| Claudia Kemfert
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