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Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

Energy and Climate Policy in Mexico in the aftermath of National Elections

In 2013, the Mexican government launched an ambitious reform package that meant to radically change the face of Mexico’s energy system. Besides reforming the oil and gas sectors, amongst others it also aimed at liberalizing the electricity ...

10.07.2018| César Alejandro Hernández, Senior Energy Analyst at International Energy AgencyJosé Imer Campos & Rodrigo Jiménez, Hertie School of Governance Heiner von Lüpke, DIW Berlin
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

CFD für günstige erneuerbare Energien

In: energate messenger (23.05.2018), [Online-Artikel] | Karsten Neuhoff, Nils May, Jörn Richstein
Diskussionspapiere 1813 / 2019

Do Energy Efficiency Networks Save Energy? Evidence from German Plant-Level Data

In energy efficiency networks, groups of firms exchange experiences on energy conservation in regular meetings over several years. The companies implement energy efficiency measures in order to reach commonly agreed energy savings and CO2 reduction .

2019| Jan Stede
Diskussionspapiere 1766 / 2018

Modeling Coordination between Renewables and Grid: Policies to Mitigate Distribution Grid Constraints Using Residential PV-Battery Systems

Distributed photo-voltaic (PV) generation is one of the pillars of energy transitions around the world, but its deployment in the distribution grid requires costly reinforcements and expansions. Prosumage - consisting of a household-level PV unit ...

2018| Paul Neetzow, Roman Mendelevitch, Sauleh Siddiqui
Future Power Market Platform

Workshop on TSO-DSO-PX Cooperation II

Increasing shares of active consumers, distributed generators, new flexibility providers on the distribution network lead a need of coordination between TSO, DSOs and power exchanges.  In this workshop we would like to extend the discussion we ...

10.01.2018| Karsten Neuhoff, Jörn Richstein
Future Power Market Platform

Workshop on Zonal and Nodal Co-Existence

The question posed in this workshop is not whether zonal or nodal is better - but in the case some countries wish to go to a nodal system, how would that interact with the neighboring electricity markets. Interested countries argue that under ...

24.09.2018| Karsten Neuhoff, Jörn Richstein
Diskussionspapiere 1765 / 2018

An Auction Story: How Simple Bids Struggle with Uncertainty

Short-term electricity markets are key to an efficient production by generation units. We develop a two-period model to assess different bidding formats to determine for each bidding format the optimal bidding strategy of competitive generators ...

2018| Jörn C. Richstein, Casimir Lorenz, Karsten Neuhoff
Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

Das Klimaschutzgesetz als Kernelement der Transformation

Deutschland hat zwar ambitionierte Klimaziele und Planungswerke auf Basis von Kabinettsbeschlüssen, es fehlen aber gesetzliche Grundlagen, die die weitere Implementierung und Zielerreichung unterstützen können. Ein Klimaschutzgesetz, ...

15.10.2018| Heiner von Lüpke
Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

Policies to support basic materials’ pathway to climate neutrality

In line with the continuously carbon-intensive consumption patterns of our societies, the steel, cement and other basic materials still used in end-use sectors and products across our economies entail 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 2/3 of ...

13.09.2019| Olga Chiappinelli

Ein wegweisender Nobelpreis

Die heutige Vergabe des Wirtschaftsnobelpreises an die Ökonomen William Nordhaus und Paul Romer kommentiert Karsten Neuhoff, Leiter der Abteilung Klimapolitik am DIW Berlin, wie folgt:

08.10.2018| Karsten Neuhoff
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