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Earn More Tomorrow: Overconfident Income Expectations and Consumer Indebtedness

This paper examines whether biased income expectations due to overconfidence lead to higher levels of debt-taking. In a lab experiment, participants can purchase goods by borrowing against their future income. We exogenously manipulate income ...

Munich, Germany: Collaborative Research Center Transregio 190, 2019, 94 S.
(Discussion paper / Rationality & Competition, CRC TRR 190 ; 152)
| Antonia Grohmann, Lukas Menkhoff, Christoph Merkle, Renke Schmacker

Does Financial Literacy Improve Financial Inclusion? Cross Country Evidence

While financial inclusion is typically addressed by improving the financial infrastructure, we show that a higher degree of financial literacy also has a clear beneficial effect. We study this effect at the cross-country level, which allows us to ...

Munich, Germany: Collaborative Research Center Transregio 190, 2018, 94 S.
(Discussion paper / Rationality & Competition, CRC TRR 190 ; 95)
| Antonia Grohmann, Theres Klühs, Lukas Menkhoff
Seminar Series on Research in Development Economics

Peer Effects and Academic Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Tracking and Bimodal Classrooms

01.11.2018| Veronica Frisancho, Inter-American Development Bank

Finanzielle Bildung: Maßnahmen, Erfahrungen, Evaluierung und Ausblick

Aktuelles Projekt| Weltwirtschaft

Financial Education: Measures, Experiences, Evaluation and Outlook

Aktuelles Projekt| Weltwirtschaft
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Heterogeneous Immigrants, Exports and Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Language Skills

We investigate the interplay of language skills and immigrant stocks in determining bilateral FDI outstocks of OECD reporting countries. Applying a Poisson panel estimator to 2004–11 data, we find robust evidence for a positive effect of bilateral

In: The World Economy 41 (2018), 6, S. 1529-1548 | Matthias Lücke, Tobias Stöhr

Financial inclusion of migrants in Germany.

The large numbers of refugees that arrived in Germany over the last few years, has raised the question about how migrants adjust to life in Germany and how easy it is for migrants to integrate into society. One important part of integration is ...

Abgeschlossenes Projekt| Weltwirtschaft

Untersuchung von individualisiertem Feedback auf das Finanzverhalten von Kleinunternehmern in Uganda

Kleinunternehmer in Entwicklungsländern weisen erhebliche Defizite in ihrem Finanzverhalten auf, die ihr Fortkommen behindern. Deshalb werden Interventionen zur Verbesserung der finanziellen Bildung und letztlich damit zu einem verbesserten ...

Aktuelles Projekt| Weltwirtschaft

Zugang zu Bankkonten für Geflüchtete kein
Problem, Nutzung von Finanzprodukten aber

Die finanzielle Inklusion von Geflüchteten ist ein entscheidender Baustein der Integration in die deutsche Gesellschaft. In diesem Bericht wird die finanzielle Inklusion einer Gruppe von 31 in Berlin lebenden syrischen Geflüchteten anhand .

17.10.2018| Antonia Grohmann
Diskussionspapiere 1743 / 2018

Active Learning Fosters Financial Behavior: Experimental Evidence

We conduct a randomized field experiment to study the effects of two financial education interventions offered to small-scale retailers in Western Uganda. The treatments contrast “active learning” with “traditional lecturing” within standardi

2018| Tim Kaiser, Lukas Menkhoff
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